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Meaning of ‘Share That Love’ by ‘Lukas Graham’ feat. G-Eazy

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Released: 2020

Features: G-Eazy

“Share That Love” by Lukas Graham, featuring G-Eazy, is a soulful reflection on overcoming hardship, the importance of kinship, and sharing the goodness life offers, no matter how minute it might seem. The song adeptly blends the mellifluous soul-pop essence of Lukas Graham with G-Eazy’s rap succinctness, creating a mosaic of shared memories that resonates with our universal human experience.

The lyrics “I remember drivin’ on my side / Smoke’s up and doors open / The sun’s in our eyes, but it’s alright / ‘Cause we don’t know where we’re going” kick off the narrative, reminding us of joyful carefree days that are marked with uncertainty, yet filled with an inexplicable thrill. The mention of ‘smoke’s up and doors open’ speaks to a sense of adventurous liberation, while ‘we don’t know where we’re going’ symbolizes an optimistic embrace of life’s unpredictable journey.

Conveying a strong sense of resilience and forward-looking mentality, the lines “We don’t need no mirror pointin’ back / Forget about the past, what’s done is done and that is that”, emphasize that living in the past shackles the potential for growth and progress. They espouse a valuable lesson that dwelling on bygone eras, good or bad, can rob the joy and vitality of the present moment.

In the chorus, “When the good times are rolling on me / I got plenty in my pocket if you’re ever in need / Say, oh, oh, oh, share that love” represents an ethos of benevolence and empathy. The phrase ‘plenty in my pocket’ metaphorically signifies wealth, not necessarily monetary, that one is ready to share during times of abundance. It reiterates an influential ethos of pop culture, fostering inclusivity, compassion, and generosity.

G-Eazy’s verse, “I remember drivin’ on my side (yee) / High as fuck, windows open (ay) / 5-0 right behind us (blerd) / Hit the gas and we ghost ’em (vroom)”, gives a nod to a wilder, more rebellious side of youth. The term ‘5-0’ is a slang reference to police, suggesting a brush with the law that is handled with a daring escape – ‘hit the gas and we ghost ’em’.

On a deeper level, G-Eazy’s verse is a poignant reflection on love and vulnerability. “Each time you fall in love, you run the risk you’ll get heartbroken / But stay inside forever where your doors are hardly open”, it suggests that despite the inevitable heartbreaks, it is essential to keep our metaphorical doors open to the possibility of love. It’s a timeless message told through the powerful blend of pop and rap, asserting that even in hardships, resilience and hope are our guiding lights.

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