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Meaning of ‘PRIMER AVISO’ by ‘Maria Becerra’ feat. Ivy Queen

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Released: 2024

Features: Ivy Queen

“PRIMER AVISO” by Maria Becerra featuring Ivy Queen is a fiery anthem of defiance, empowerment, and self-made success in the music world. The song blends assertive lyrics with infectious rhythms, creating a call to arms for those who’ve risen from the ground up, despite the obstacles thrown their way by the industry and doubters.

The song kicks off with a no-holds-barred introduction, shouting out to listeners that something big is about to drop. “Primer aviso” translates to “first warning,” setting the stage for a bold declaration of presence. Maria Becerra, a rising star from the Argentine conurbano, is here to light up the party, echoing a nod to reggaeton legend Daddy Yankee with “como dijo el Daddy.” This line isn’t just a casual reference; it’s a connection to the genre’s roots, affirming that she’s ready to make her mark just as the greats before her did.

When Becerra and Ivy Queen start trading verses, it’s clear they’re addressing their skeptics head-on. They boast about their loyalty and realness in a scene filled with fakes, highlighting their journey from humble beginnings to dominating the urban music scenes. There’s a strong theme of self-reliance and earning one’s success – “Yo me busqué lo mío” – they made it on their own terms. They’re unfazed by the jealousy and attempts to undermine their success, further taunting those who now seek collaborations after initially trying to bring them down.

Ivy Queen, known as the Queen of Reggaeton, jumps in with her trademark ferocity, emphasizing their unbreakable spirit and resilience. Her verses touch on the industry’s cutthroat nature – “En el negocio siempre hay falsedad” – calling out the fakeness rampant in the business. The collaboration between “la Queen con la Mari” symbolizes a powerful alliance, a torch-passing moment from one reggaeton powerhouse to another emerging force. They refuse to give in to the industry’s pressures, maintaining integrity and authenticity above all.

The song also pays homage to their roots, with Becerra giving a shout-out to Quilmes and its notorious beer, representing her Argentine heritage proudly. They both assert their positions as “caballotas” – a term denoting strong, independent women – ready for any challenge. This idea of fierce independence and loyalty is reiterated towards the song’s end, highlighting their selective trust and unwavering dedication to their original supporters and genuine allies.

In essence, “PRIMER AVISO” serves as both a celebration of Becerra’s and Ivy Queen’s triumphs in the face of adversity and a warning shot to anyone doubting their prowess. It’s a testament to their resilience, authenticity, and the unbreakable spirit of women in a competitive industry. Through their electrifying delivery and poignant lyrics, they’ve crafted an anthem that resonates with anyone striving to make their mark on their own terms, reminding us all that genuine talent and hard work shine brightest.

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