Dark Light

Released: 2024

Features: Sharam, Pony

At its core, “Anthem” by Diplo featuring Sharam and Pony is a riotous hymn to youth, freedom, and the relentless pursuit of the moment. It’s less about the specifics and more about the vibe – a soundtrack for those nights that you don’t want to end, where the energy is high, and everything feels possible. This track embodies the essence of living in the now, tangled up in beats that demand movement, an anthem for those who dance to the rhythm of their own drum.

The song kicks off with a declaration of independence – a desire for simplicity and freedom from constraints (“Tell them bring all the stuff/Ride at a low speed, can’t be in handcuffs”). The opening lines immediately set the tone for what’s to come; a celebration of youth (“Young, wild, and free, extremely handsome”) and an assertion of self-sufficiency (“I just want piece, don’t need a handler”). There’s a clear message here: the protagonist wants to live on their terms, with the beat of the music as their guiding anthem, a recurring metaphor throughout the song that highlights the transformative power of music in our lives.

As we dive deeper, the lyrics paint a picture of a night filled with potential – a red Ferrari parked outside, a symbol of wealth and perhaps the key to an adventure (“Who’s red ‘Rari’s parked outside?/All that money with nowhere to hide”). The mention of “One too many drinks and nobody wanna drive/Nobody’s goin’ home, staying the long night” captures the essence of revelry and the decision to fully embrace the moment.

However, beneath the celebration, there’s an edge of defiance and resilience. The lines “Young and we’re free, it’s the time of our lives/Well, what we gotta do, hustle to stay alive” reflect an acknowledgment of the challenges they face, yet they’re determined to rise above. Raising your hands to the sky becomes an act of defiance and a declaration of freedom, a motif that’s both literal and metaphorical.

The latter part of the song delves into interpersonal dynamics, hinting at past relationships and the changes that come with fame (“So what you wanna do with it?/How you gonna act brand new with it?”). The reference to “This is the remix to ‘Ignition'” is a clever nod to R’n’B, suggesting that the night and potentially the relationships have taken on a new remix-like quality, infused with excitement and unpredictability.

Ultimately, “Anthem” is a euphoric rallying cry for those nights that define us, wrapped up in the beats of Diplo, Sharam, and Pony. It’s an ode to the indomitable spirit of youth, to the dreamers and the dancers who make love in the back of the Benz, who hustle through customs in a yellow Mustang, and who, despite the odds, keep their heads high, always reaching for the sky. Through this anthem, Diplo and co. are not just creating music; they’re encapsulating a fleeting, yet immortal feeling of freedom and boundless possibility.

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