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Meaning of ‘Deeper Well’ by ‘Kacey Musgraves’

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Released: 2024

Kacey Musgraves’ “Deeper Well” is about self-discovery and the journey towards personal growth. She reflects on the changes she faced at 27, a nod to the astrological concept of Saturn return, a time of significant change and challenge in a person’s life. Musgraves explores themes of moving away from toxic relationships and bad habits to find a deeper, more meaningful existence.

The song opens by contrasting two types of people: givers and those who “always tryin’ to take.” This sets the stage for Musgraves’ realization that it’s necessary to distance herself from people who drain her energy. Saying goodbye to time-wasters, she asserts the importance of self-care and protecting one’s energy. The phrase “I’ve found a deeper well” symbolizes discovering a source of inner strength and fulfillment beyond superficial relationships.

In the second verse, Musgraves discusses how she used to rely on weed (“wake and bake” and “gravity bong”) to get through her day. It’s an honest look at how coping mechanisms can temporarily make life seem better but ultimately don’t lead to lasting satisfaction. Her choice to leave these habits behind signifies growing up and finding “natural” ways to shine, another step towards self-care and finding that deeper well of happiness and contentment.

The final verse delves into Musgraves’ upbringing, touching on having enough to get by but feeling limited by her surroundings and the beliefs instilled in her. The realization that “the world was as flat as a plate” reflects a limited perspective that she yearned to expand. Through self-exploration and rejecting past limitations, she discovers a richer, more profound source of understanding and joy in life, symbolized by the deeper well she mentions throughout the song.

Musgraves uses “Deeper Well” to metaphorically describe the journey of growing up, facing change, and choosing self-improvement over comfort. It’s a powerful narrative of shedding the old to discover a more meaningful existence rooted in self-awareness and personal growth.

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