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Released: 2018

“Nobody” by Mitski is a digital age anthem, crystallizing the quiet desperation of modern loneliness, while simultaneously questioning the impact of environmental destruction. Driven by a fusion of potent lyrics and exuberant pop, the song explores the paralyses of isolation encapsulated by her repeated cries of “nobody.”

Starting off with a confession, “My God, I’m so lonely,” Mitski introduces the audience to an intimate narrative of solitude. The opening of the window doesn’t indicate the need for fresh air or a change of scenery, but rather a longing to connect to the world outside. But what she finds are just “sounds of people,” an auditory reminder of the thriving life she’s not a part of.

The reference to Venus, a symbol of love in literature and pop culture, alludes to global warming, a metaphor for carelessness and destruction — both personal and global. It’s a wry commentary on humans’ propensity to consume and destroy. It questions whether Venus’s inhabitants were also undone by their own excessive desires — hence, “Did its people want too much?”

The chorus reverberates with the phrase “nobody,” an earworm of existential dread. These powerful, solitary cries mimic the deafening echo of loneliness that often accompanies unfulfilled desire. The repetition creates an atmosphere of urgency and desperation that resonates with anyone familiar with the feeling.

Lines such as “I’ve been big and small/And big and small again/And still nobody wants me” underscore the highs and lows of her personal experiences. This could be a nod to fluctuating self-esteem, emotional states, or even the literal physical changes we all experience in life. Either way, it’s a chilling reminder of her enduring solitude.

The motif of the ‘kiss’ reiterates Mitski’s desperation for human connection. She’s not seeking some grand romantic rescuer, rather a simple, honest human interaction — a kiss. This craving for authentic intimacy is a stark contrast to the modern landscape of fabricated digital relationships.

“Nobody,” in the end, stands as both an indictment of our society’s failure to address loneliness, and a raw, relatable articulation of the human condition. Mitski’s genius lies in her ability to weave these themes into a catchy pop song, a testament to her skill as an artist and the transformative power of pop music.

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