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Meaning of ‘Nice to Meet Ya’ by ‘Meghan Trainor’ feat. Nicki Minaj

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Released: 2020

Features: Nicki Minaj

Strap in, pop fans, because “Nice to Meet Ya (feat. Nicki Minaj)” by Meghan Trainor is a booming celebration of self-love and unabashed authenticity, with a sprinkling of Minaj’s signature assertiveness making it a bop for all ages. At its heart, this track is a powerful anthem of self-discovery and empowerment, letting everyone know that it’s okay to embrace your true self, no matter how dynamic and multifaceted that may be.

Setting it off, Trainor begins by introducing herself musically with the lyrics “Nice to meet ya” – a seemingly direct message to her listeners that she’s redefining herself. She talks about her past struggle to fit in, saying “I used my makeup to hide” referring metaphorically to hiding her real persona under pretenses. Now, she’s come to the point of acceptance, declaring that nobody’s, including her, perfect but that’s okay. She’s been down a rough road, having “seen” a lot, and may not always seem the same on the outside but she is who she is, unapologetically herself, and that’s what makes her perfect.

With the lyrics “I am blessed by the heavens Someone’s got a hold on me Sweet, but I get rough, just what I wanna be” Trainor asserts her multifaceted personality. She’s sweet yet tough, a perfect mix of sugar and spice, which is just the way she wants to be. Instead of hiding behind filters and self-doubts, now she’s showering herself with nothing but love, because she knows she’s worth it.

Next up, the rap queen Nicki Minaj’s verse takes over and it’s a full-blown flexing session. She talks about her supreme confidence by metaphorically referring to herself as the reigning champ who needs no comparisons. She also addresses the deceit she has faced in the industry with the phrase “Had to cut the grass, there was snakes in the camp”, emphasizing her readiness to remove any negativity from her life.

Minaj also throws light on her successful and glamorous lifestyle with mentions of her “guest house”, the “Rolls truck” and the expensive paint job, asserting that she no longer has to dumb herself down for others’ approval. Juxtaposing her past with her present successful self adds a deeper layer to her acknowledgment of self worth and nonchalance towards naysayers: “Now when dem, dem talk, I smile, it be crickets.”

Wrapping it up, “Nice to Meet Ya (feat. Nicki Minaj)” by Meghan Trainor is not just a pop gem; it’s an empowering musical manifesto by two strong women who aren’t afraid to embrace their imperfections and live their truth.

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