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Meaning of ‘Lonely with Our Love’ by ‘Charlotte Cardin’

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Released: 2024

Charlotte Cardin’s “Lonely with Our Love” dives deep into the chilly waters of a relationship turned frosty. The song eloquently narrates the struggle of love that has lost its warmth, yet persistently clings on, leaving a cold loneliness in its wake. Cardin’s words strike a chord, giving voice to the silent despair of loving yet feeling alone.

The song begins with “The gap between us growing wide / Was bound to happen over time,” painting a clear image of two people drifting apart, living parallel lives triggered by differences and distance. The line “Different natures, different nights / You’ll have yours and I’ll have mine” highlights their separate existences, reflecting the heartache brought on by the demise of togetherness.

“And it’s all good until it’s not / And I’m lonely with our love” is the anchor of the song. It encapsulates the paradox of feeling lonely within a relationship, a shared love that has somehow devolved into isolation for Cardin. Notice that she emphasizes it’s not anyone’s fault: “It’s not mine, it’s not your fault / That I’m lonely with our love.” This begins to underline a balanced perspective, acknowledging that sometimes love just doesn’t work out the way we hope, and it’s no one’s fault.

The phrases, “It wouldn’t be worth it if it wasn’t this hard / There wouldn’t be starlight if it didn’t get dark” offers a silver lining, hinting that the hardship and the pain are an essential part of love’s journey, just as darkness is critical to appreciate the beauty of starlight.

“So used to being without you / I can’t sugarcoat this honeymoon, oh / It’s not what I signed up for / Are we even happy anymore?” Cardin questions the state of the relationship, expressing frustration at the chasm that has opened up between her and her partner. In the end, she repeats the chorus, affirming again the hurtful paradox of their love. “Lonely with our love,” she reiterates, asserting her feelings of disconnection even within the shared bond of their love.

Overall, “Lonely with Our Love” lyrically explores an emotional ordeal we often shirk from discussing – the desolation one can feel within a relationship. It’s a raw and poignant commentary on romantic love and, in particular, the darker shades that it sometimes shows.

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