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Meaning of ‘Anyways, I Love You’ by ‘Wild Rivers’

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Released: 2024

Stepping into the poignant world of “Anyways, I Love You” by Wild Rivers, we are anchored by sentimentality and the reflection on a love that’s perhaps wavering, but nevertheless steadfast in its conviction. At its core, the song embarks on the journey of love that endures through trials, disagreements, and personal flaws, painting a picture of resilient affection despite its imperfect essence.

The song kicks off with “How can you stand how it’s shaking out / When you’re miles away, other side of the couch”. These opening lines set the scene of a strained relationship, with the lovers metaphorically and physically distanced, each on their side of the couch. The mention of “two stubborn flames in a paper house” escalates the tension, using the image of fire and paper to symbolize volatile emotions in a fragile relationship. Despite these trials, the lingering affection finds a way to pierce through, reflecting how love often permeates beyond the struggles.

We both have made some mistakes / And it is what it is ’cause we’re stuck in our ways / But there’s nothing ’bout you I’d change,” further underlines the recognition of imperfect characters caught in their stubborn ways. Yet, the realization that the very things that cause friction – the things he loves and hates – are mostly the same, captures the complexity of love that often intertwines flaws and fondness.

The chorus, “Sometimes it feels like we’re just down and done / We go too far when we should bite our tongue / Let’s not just lose it all on something dumb / I’ve been here long enough, enough to say / That I love you anyways,” wraps the narrative neatly into a heartfelt confession of enduring love. These lines encapsulate the struggles within the relationship, the harsh words and unnecessary fights, but more importantly, the will to not lose everything on something “dumb”.

Finally, the line “Broken records sound the same but still, I find the need to say / I love you anyways” gives us a peek at the endless cycle of arguments and disputes, acknowledged as a “broken record”. Yet, the need to affirm their love – the ‘I love you anyways’ – despite the cyclical conflicts, reinforces the enduring, forgiving nature of their love. Despite the bumps along the road, love finds a way, anyways.

Overall, ‘Anyways, I Love You’ stands as a sincere testament to the undying love that braves the choppy waters of relationship disputes and personal flaws, underscoring the strength of love that presses on “anyways”.

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