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Meaning of ‘Gates Of Hell’ by ‘ZAYN’

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Released: 2024

Well, let’s dive into the rollercoaster of emotions stoked by ZAYN’s “Gates Of Hell”. The key vibe we’re getting here could easily be summed up as ongoing psychological conflict laced with deep-seated resentment, often exhibited by lovers pushed to the edge. The song parallels an attraction towards what’s painful yet irresistible, anchoring this tension in a realm of disillusionment and serial forgiveness.

“So fucked, I can’t feel my face”, ZAYN kicks off, painting an image of his emotional state—a place of numbness and defeat. The subsequent lines, “Know a couple people might call me a disgrace / But fuck them”, reveal the artist’s defiance against the judgement of others (something all of us can understand, right).

“I don’t like you very much / But I keep putting up with your shit”—we can call this the song’s hook. It communicates a palpable frustration, a type of love-hate relationship the artist can’t seem to part with.

Following this, the line that goes, “Yeah, we drift away like islands / And I wanna float on this wave” captures the distance that has grown in the relationship. However, there’s an odd sense of comfort the artist finds in this sad, recurring dance, as highlighted in “And I know I’d do it all the same”.

As the song then veers towards its conclusion, we hear ZAYN pondering, “What could have been / If we were living in Utopia?” The ‘Utopia’ here may represent the perfect relationship they never had—a symbol of longing for what could have been.

In conclusion, “Gates Of Hell” by ZAYN is bound to strike a chord with those who’ve tasted the bittersweet drink of a seemingly self-destructive yet addictive love affair. It’s a pop anthem that’s not afraid to bare its soul, and for that, we commend ZAYN.

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