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Meaning of ‘Stardust’ by ‘ZAYN’

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Released: 2024

“Stardust” by ZAYN is a dreamy love track that immerses you in a universe of romantic emotion. Zayn describes his feelings of love as something ethereal and cosmic, like stardust, enveloping the two of them and making any place feel special with his beloved.

In the opening verse, Zayn sets the scene with winter images like Christmas and cardboard cup, indicating a sense of coziness and longing. He’s waiting for his loved one to join him, expressing a change in the dynamics of their love that feels different. The lines Feels like stardust, Floating all around us suggest a magical, out-of-this-world experience of love. The repeated chorus feels like stardust solidifies this point.

The second verse continues developing this theme. Perfume in a magazine, Far off places in a moonlit scene alludes to the allure of the dreamy, idealized life reflected in media. But even more appealing to him is the idea of being with his beloved, hence the line, And I love to be there with you. And just like the first verse, the stardust comparison is repeated to highlight his blinded-by-love feelings.

All in all, “Stardust” by ZAYN is about a deep, magical love that feels cosmic. It’s love in a happy bubble, untouched by the world around it. It’s love that makes the ordinary, like a cardboard cup, extraordinarily special, so much so that it Feels like stardust.

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