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Meaning of ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ by ‘ZAYN’ feat. Sia

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Released: 2018

Features: Sia

The song “Dusk Till Dawn” by ZAYN and featuring Sia is all about unconditional love – the type that sticks around from “dusk till dawn”. It talks about the intense desire to be fully present in a relationship, offering physical and emotional comfort. Let’s dig into the lyrics to fully understand its meaning.

“Not tryna be indie, not tryna be cool / Just tryna be in this, tell me, are you too?” Here, ZAYN is saying he’s not trying to be something he’s not. He just wants to be involved in the relationship, and he’s asking his partner if they feel the same. He’s not interested in playing games or wearing a facade; he just wants real, authentic love.

References to sensing the wind through “all of the windows inside this room” could mean he’s looking for signs or signals from his partner. He is asking if they are also open, receptive, and feeling the same connection.

ZAYN expressing his desire to “touch” and “feel” his partner isn’t just about physical closeness. It symbolizes emotional intimacy as well. Seeing the sun rise on their sins means accepting each other’s flaws and growing together in the relationship. This verse underscores the depth of commitment ZAYN is expressing.

The chorus consists of the song’s key promise, “I’ll be with you from dusk ’til dawn”. This is a solid vow of perpetual companionship – he will be there through the good and the bad, day and night. The line “I’ll hold you when things go wrong” conveys his intent to be a tireless pillar of support.

The line “We were shut like a jacket, so do your zip” further emphasizes their close bond. ZAYN invites his partner to seal their connection as intimately as a zipped jacket holds the body. The idea of rolling down the rapids to find a wave that fits symbolizes the ups and downs of their journey to seek a harmonious rhythm in their relationship.

The repetition of “Give love to your body” serves to stress the importance of self-love and respect, keeping oneself healthy and loved, which in turn nurtures the relationship.

Overall, “Dusk Till Dawn” is a song about earnest and unwavering devotion. It celebrates having someone’s back through life’s challenges and coming stronger out of them together.

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