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Meaning of the song ‘Alienated’ by ‘ZAYN’

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Released: 2024

“Alienated”, a deeply introspective track by ZAYN, explores themes of isolation, self-discovery, detachment from oneself, and the struggle of letting go of the past. Woven with emotional undertones, it grapples with the struggle for dependence and independence in an intoxicatingly introspective way.

Beginning with the line “No two people are the same”, ZAYN points to the uniqueness of every individual. The subsequent lines, “Stand beside you, but just far enough away / Last night we were drinking / Tried to think away the pain,” suggest a desire for companionship, yet a need for space and cultivated distance. The drinking, a common way to escape pain, is seen as futile. This image portrays a man grappling with internal conflict, teetering between the need for connection and the comfort of seclusion.

“Tried to disconnect my body / From my soul, from my soul / See, I feel alright already on my own,” is a decisive moment in the song. Here, ZAYN articulates the craving for detachment from oneself, which might reflect his struggle with fame and the pressures that come alongside it. This sentiment is often echoed in pop culture, where the quest for fame often leads to a feeling of alienation.

The chorus, “And I’ve been feeling alienated / On my spaceship alone”, takes us into the heart of his alienation. The spaceship metaphor suggests he feels out of place, a foreigner in his own life. In the pop universe, often filled with luminous superstars, feeling “alienated” and “alone” aren’t uncommon, a harsh reality that few, except the fame-bound, will experience.

“Say goodbye to the past / Leave it all with a laugh / ‘Cause you always was right all along,” reveals ZAYN’s struggle to let go of the past. He acknowledges that leaving things behind can be cathartic, yet challenging. Here, the past is viewed both as a place of learning as well as a source of regret.

Words like “Can you let me be / Intoxicated on my own?” and “Do I need to answer? / Or right my wrongs?” show the pressure of expectation, possibly from public or personal relationships. The mention of intoxication might refer to indulging in solitary joys, following his own path, or surrendering to loneliness – a statement of independence above all else.

“Did the winds make the noise of change? / Can the wings on your skin help you fly away?” introduces the idea of metamorphosis. The wind symbolizes change, the wings freedom, suggesting the artist’s longing for escape and transformation – a common theme in the pop world where artists constantly reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

In all, “Alienated” explores the turbulent journey of self-acceptance, the struggle of letting go, and the courage it takes to brave the solitude, offering listeners a deeply personal glimpse into ZAYN’s inner world.

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