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Usher Collaborations: List of Songs & Artists

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Usher is a smooth operator, whose palpable charisma is only rivalled by his vocal versatility, which has time and time again proven his genius at creating collaborations that redefine what pop music can be and do. It’s always a curiosity inducing moment when Usher’s name pops up next to another’s – be it Lil Jon’s crunky beats, Pitbull’s infectious energy, or Beyoncé’s powerful presence, he manages to create a distinct synergy that only adds to the richness of his discography and cements his legacy.

Who can forget Usher trading verses with Young Thug, or vibing with the soulful Ella Mai? The surprise mix of Usher’s silky vocals with Nicki Minaj’s fierce rap verses, or the perfect blend he achieves with Justin Bieber’s teen pop sensation adds a kind of electricity to the airwaves. And let’s not downplay the magic brought on through his work with industry heavyweights like Jay-Z, T.I., or Kanye West, where musical prowess meets lyrical dexterity in unforgettable ways.

Usher has collaborated with this immense list of artists:

  • Zaytoven
  • Gunna
  • R3HAB
  • Kiana Ledé
  • JAY-Z
  • Ella Mai
  • Ludacris
  • Future
  • T.I.
  • Pitbull
  • Jump Smokers
  • Jeezy
  • Justin Bieber
  • benny blanco
  • Diddy
  • Lil Jon
  • Ryan James Carr
  • Shyne
  • Twista
  • Kanye West
  • Jermaine Dupri
  • Jadakiss
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Monica
  • Jax Jones
  • Summer Walker
  • 21 Savage
  • Rick Ross
  • Tyga
  • H.E.R.
  • Young Thug
  • Beyoncé
  • Lil Wayne
  • Plies
  • Juicy J
  • Alicia Keys

So let’s get into those collabs, from the lesser known “Gift Shop” featuring Gunna that somehow stayed under the radar to the globally celebrated “Yeah!” featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris setting the dance floor on fire, here are the best of Usher’s collaborations.

44. Gift Shop (feat. Gunna)

The song melds their lavish lifestyles with catchy hooks and impassioned verses. References to iconic luxury brand items like Audemars and Icebox diamonds become the norm in their world. Usher’s smooth vocals slide beautifully over the sleek Gunna verse, reflecting their indulgent lifestyles and unapologetic opulence. They’re not just buying to flaunt – they’re buying to live. It’s an anthem for those who dare to dream big, with Usher and Gunna painting a vivid picture of a world where limitations don’t exist. The song emphasizes the importance of enjoying the fruits of one’s labor, embodying the very essence of the rags-to-riches narrative prevalent in the pop music world.

43. Scream – R3hab Remix

This electrifying number sees Usher in a hypnotic trance, spellbound by a femme fatale on the dance floor. Gone is the smooth-talking R&B Casanova, and in his place stands a man drunk on love, ‘wasted’ on the intoxicating thought of his object of desire. The song plays out like a sultry game of cat and mouse, with Usher portraying himself as the predator, eager to take his prey ‘here, there, and under.’

The direct and unapologetic sensuality of the lyrics is designed to hit right in the pleasure centers of the brain, drawing listeners into this liberating world of lust and desire. It’s a tantalizing invitation to surrender to the primal instincts, to live life unabashedly, and of course, if you wanna scream out Usher’s name, he’s more than ready to take you there. All in all, this remix heightens the exhilarating hedonism of the original track, turning it into a heady sonic cocktail that’s impossible to resist.

42. This Day (feat. Kiana Ledé) – from the Netflix Original Motion Picture Jingle Jangle

The song’s narrative emphasizes the dynamic journey from hardship to triumph. It’s about the moment when one finally breaks free from the struggles that have held them down, embracing change, and soaring towards new horizons. The narrative also incorporates themes of determination and self-belief, as the protagonists persistently strive for their dreams despite the odds. With Usher and Kiana Ledé’s soaring vocals, the song powerfully communicates the joy, exhilaration, and relief that comes with reclaiming one’s life from difficulties and finally tasting success. It’s a song that celebrates the sweetness of the ‘now’, leaving the burdens of the ‘past’ behind. In essence, “This Day” is a melodious reminder that courage and persistence can lead to life-altering transformations and open doors to infinite possibilities.

41. Best Thing (feat. Jay-Z)

The track is a reflective confession, where Usher frankly acknowledges the errors he made with a past love. This narrative boasts a raw honesty rarely seen in pop music, adding a layer of relatability that hits hard. As Usher runs through a list of ladies from his past, he admits that acting tough was just a facade and he yearned for the comfort of his ‘Best Thing’. Jay-Z chips in with a verse expressing similar sentiments, narrating his own trajectory of failed relationships and the valuable lessons learned. The soulful melody and rich lyrics on heartbreak and self-realization make “Best Thing” a standout in Usher’s discography, and an example of the depth pop music can achieve.

40. Don’t Waste My Time (feat. Ella Mai) – Da Sauce Remix

Infused with Usher’s evergreen RnB charm and Ella Mai’s soul-touching vibes, it’s a banger that’ll have you vibin’ from the jump. The track explores deeper, more mature themes within the realm of love and relationships. The lyrics shine a spotlight on mutual respect, intimacy, and a no-nonsense stance on time-wasting in relationships. Both Usher and Ella Mai urge their prospective partners for authenticity and straightforward communication, stressing the importance of ‘good loving’ with ‘no questions’. The song cleverly brings out the modern dating culture’s dilemmas, subtly hinting at how frivolous games can often lead to wasted time and potential. Carrying that unmistakable Usher style, the track hits the sweet spot between tuneful melodies and poignant storytelling. Add in the extra ‘Sauce’ remix flavor, and you’ve got a classic Usher collaboration that speaks to both the heart and the feet.

39. She Don’t Know (feat. Ludacris)

Tapping into each artist’s strengths, Ludacris’ fast and playful rap verses sync flawlessly with Usher’s smooth and enticing vocals. The lyricism highlights the yearning, a common trope in Usher’s playbooks, navigated with the finesse only he can deliver.

The song circles around a sensual narrative, where Usher finds himself entranced by a woman’s allure—all while she remains blissfully unaware of his desires. The internal ‘tug-of-war’ Usher experiences is a focal point; his attraction is evident, but her aloofness only amplifies it. Ludacris, a maestro of lyrical storytelling, supplements the narrative with his punchy and vivid verses. Together, they construct a palpable tension that leaves the listeners on the edge, mirroring the protagonist’s dilemma.

Blending Usher’s R&B tendencies with Ludacris’ rap prowess, “She Don’t Know” is a notable collaboration that serves up an addicting concoction of lust, yearning, and unrequited infatuation. An intersection of styles that hits the sweet spot, leaving us all a little bit more in love with the art of “not knowing”.

38. Birthday

The song throbs with a pulse that screams celebration, as Usher lyrically wallpapers a full night of decadent indulgence. It’s all about living high on your special day, and Usher doesn’t skimp on the details. From the extravagant spending to the flirting to the sultry dancing, “Birthday” crafts the ultimate birthday fantasy.

This track’s lyrics are gleefully hedonistic, celebrating the pleasures of the flesh as much as they celebrate the passing of another year. You feel the dancefloor pulsing under your feet as Usher encourages everyone to let loose – the subtext being that it’s not just your special day, but everyone’s invitation to indulge. Despite its party-hard demeanor, “Birthday” also subtly speaks about self-worth and freedom, advocating for everyone to feel special and free, at least for one unforgettable night.

37. She Ain’t Tell Ya

Usher, renowned for his emotional transparency, exposes the hidden truths that were left unspoken by his ex-lover. The song delves into the equilibrium of hurt, pointing out the common inadequacies of two-sided narratives.

Lyrically, Usher negotiates the disparities between what she claimed and what actually transpired. These include shared experiences, financial indulgences, and emotional intimacies – the ‘rari rides, the partner swaps, and the materialistic allure of it all. Yet, at its core, it’s a journey into Usher’s perspective, an account penned with regret and defiance.

In this tangled web of truth and omission, Usher underscores a key message: Everyone is entitled to unfurl their side of the story. “She Ain’t Tell Ya” serves as a bold, audacious claim of narrative control, masterfully intertwined with Usher’s silky pop delivery.

36. Say What U Want

It explores the complexities and heartaches of a crumbling relationship, with Usher expressing desperation to keep the love alive despite the pain and disagreements. Throughout the track, he underscores his willingness to take the blame, face the criticisms, and endure the hurt, as long as the relationship is not declared as ‘over’. The lyrics openly invite conflict, yet draw the line at the finality of a break-up. In essence, this song weaves a tale of a disciplinary push-and-pull, highlighting Usher’s mastery in portraying raw emotion through his compelling voice. A stand-out track among Usher collaborations, “Say What U Want” takes listeners through a rollercoaster of emotions, ultimately underscoring the concept of love as a beautiful, yet often challenging journey.

35. Stay At Home (feat. Future)

Usher’s smooth vocals intertwine with Future’s melodic rap flow, discussing the suspicions and paranoia in both the physical and digital world of a relationship. Deeply rooted in a stylish blend of R&B and trap, the tune echoes with themes of jealousy and miscommunication. It reveals a narrative of a man questioning his partner’s loyalty – a stark illustration of the challenges of maintaining a relationship when fame and wealth come into the picture. The lyrics are filled with vivid imagery that underscores feelings of anxiety and mistrust, capturing it all with a soulful intensity.

34. ATA

Extravagance, indulgence, and playful mystery summarize the lyrical content of the track. The song is a gala of effortless rhythm and Usher’s characteristic smooth delivery. It’s a tribute to the grand allure and lifestyle of Ibiza, a place where inhibition is left at the door, and the lavishness takes the front seat.

The track encapsulates an atmosphere of non-stop celebration, tied together with Usher’s melodic flow and a hypnotic beat that practically begs to be danced to. The lyrical canvas paints vivid scenarios of flashy G-5 flights, unfathomable mansions, and endless nights of parties. Bind that together with the thematic amnesia brought on by the high living, this party anthem puts forward a living-in-the-moment mantra. It’s a testament to Usher’s ability to remain a beacon of pop music, delivering trends and instant classics in equal measure.

33. Guilty (feat. T.I.)

This dynamic and introspective piece dives into the murky waters of relationship woes and personal guilt. Throughout the song, Usher grapples with accusations of infidelity, handling the allegations with defiance and an uncompromising adherence to his lifestyle. His lyrics paint a vivid picture of a man under the spotlight in a courtroom scenario, delivering a plea to hold onto his freedom and combat the charges of unfaithfulness.

T.I.’s verse amplifies the narrative, providing an assertive response to the allegations. The song overall pushes boundaries, revealing the complex layers of accountability and autonomy within relationships. Despite the accusatory context, Usher never ceases to evoke a sense of sympathy and connection with his narrative. “Guilty” encapsulates the intricate dance of confession, accusation, and personal liberation, all steeped in Usher’s iconic style of storytelling through music.

32. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (feat. Pitbull) – Jump Smokers Radio Mix

An infectious collaboration with Mr. Worldwide himself. Defined by a sleek, high-tempo beat that begs you to get up and dance, it channels the euphoria of a wild night out, where one moment of eye contact sees the DJ’s infectious rhythm transform into the soundtrack of newfound romance. The lyrics capture that intoxicating rush, with Usher’s silky vocals narrating a seamless transition from weekday fatigue to weekend ecstasy under the club’s strobing lights.

Pitbull adds to the song’s kinetic energy, injecting his trademark rapid-fire rhymes, which act as an adrenaline shot to this pulsating track. Lyrics like “Mami got me twisted like a dread lock” and “Mami on fire (psssh) red hot” highlights the carnal, passionate current running through the song. Usher and Pitbull celebrate living in the moment, where the blur of music, bodies, and drinks promise the allure of love, or at least it’s intoxicating facsimile, before the dawn breaks.

31. Love In This Club (feat. Young Jeezy)

An audacious declaration of passion by R&B titan Usher. The seductive club jam, featuring gritty verses from hip-hop heavyweight Young Jeezy, beams with Usher’s signature lustful bravado. The lyrics evoke images of a hazy nightclub, full of potential and mystery, as Usher zeroes in on one woman who’s caught his attention. There’s a palpable tension as he promises her a night unmatched in sensual bliss – right in the middle of the club, no less.

This bold proposition is bolstered by Usher’s silky vocals and an infectious beat that’s poised to set the dance floor ablaze. It’s not just about the physical attraction, but the electric thrill of pursuing a heart-racing connection. Throughout the song, Usher makes it clear he’s ready to dedicate all his attention to the woman who’s captivated him, a testament to the all-out intensity that spices up love in the club.

30. Somebody to Love (feat. Justin Bieber) – Remix

A testament to Usher’s versatility as an artist. The collaboration between the R&B maestro Usher and pop prince Justin Bieber is a captivating mix of heartfelt lyrics and infectious beats. The song’s central theme revolves around the universal quest for love, painting a picture of romantic desperation and longing. It perfectly displays Usher’s mentoring relationship with Bieber, bridging the gap between two generations of pop music.

The lyrics discuss the protagonist’s yearning for a beloved. The song identifies love as the only necessity in life, discarding materialistic desires. Usher and Bieber harmonize on the chorus, creating a perfect blend of their distinctive voices. Both sing about offering the world to their beloved, stressing the immense depth of their affection. They assert that they need someone to love and nothing else, making an oath to their imaginary sweetheart. The song resonates with anyone who has ever felt the immense void that only love can fill, transforming it into a pop anthem for the love-lorn.

29. I Don’t Know (feat. P. Diddy)

Diddy, the pop-rap landscape shifted. This collaboration between two stalwarts of the scene delivered an anthem that bridged the gap between street credibility and mainstream appeal. The song’s lyrics are imbued with a bold swagger and quiet confidence. Usher and Diddy, through their lyrical exchange, paint a vivid picture of a night on the town, built around their magnetic attraction and charisma. Their intention? Pure, unadulterated fun and party vibes. However, the song provides more than just a party anthem narrative. It’s a clever introspection of their status in the music industry and their recognition of the game’s inherent challenges. Fed by Usher’s soulful artistry and Diddy’s gilded lyrics, “I Don’t Know” acts as a balancing act between the familiar and the surprise, giving listeners a ride they didn’t know they signed up for, but are oh-so glad they did.

28. SexBeat

With its looping beats and provocative hook, the song carries the listener through an intimate exploration of sexuality, flexing Usher’s signature crooning abilities. The track’s lyrics delve deep into a carnal connection, weaving a narrative of passion and desire with suggestive undertones and overt expressions of lust.

The track cleverly uses an 808 beat, a hallmark of many contemporary pop and R&B songs, as a metaphor for the rhythmic act of making love. The beat becomes the backbone of the song, pulsating under Usher’s silky vocals and saucy lyrics, which pepper the track with sensual imagery and playful innuendoes. With “SexBeat”, Usher proves his lyrical prowess and ability to blend sensuality with infectious beats, resulting in a track that’s as suggestive as it is dance-worthy.

27. What’s Your Name (feat.

With its thumping bass lines and catchy rhythms, this track quickly makes its way into one’s pop music playlist. It’s a classic Usher tune—smooth, sexy, and irresistible. The lyrical content revolves around a classic club encounter, flirtatious and bold in its outreach. Usher seeks the attention of an attractive woman, while questioning her identity, “What’s your name?” He expresses desire to know her better, not just superficially, but to make her a “star” in his universe. His propositions are playful and direct, signifying a confident romantic pursuit. Complementing Usher’s sultry lines,’s inventive lyricism adds a touch of charisma to the song. The potent combination of Usher’s smooth delivery and’s electrifying energy makes “What’s Your Name” a pop powerhouse, encapsulating the thrill of initial attraction and the allure of the unknown.

26. You Decide

The song unfolds as a plea for reconciliation, with Usher channeling regret and longing into a powerful promise of being a better man after realizing his mistakes. Reflecting on a strained love relationship, where the sunshine is replaced by rain, the song empathetically portrays Usher’s yearning to erase the past pain inflicted on his significant other. Remorseful, yet hopeful, Usher seeks another chance to prove his changed behavior and maturity, asking for another shot at love. He lays out this request starkly, against a backdrop of minimalistic production – leaving it up to the woman he’s wronged to decide the future of their relationship. Ultimately, “You Decide” becomes a raw expression of vulnerability, repentance, and redemption wrapped in Usher’s well-known, sultry R&B rhythm.

25. Hot Tottie (feat. Jay-Z)

A pulsating, groove-laden track that underscores Usher’s suave and confident persona. As one of the standout collaborations in Usher’s repertoire, the song doesn’t shy away from showcasing the raw chemistry between Usher and Jay-Z. The track is drenched in flirtatious overtones and sexually charged imagery, as the lyrics depict a clandestine affair fueled by attraction and desire. Usher’s commanding yet smooth vocals complement Jay-Z’s hard-hitting, braggadocious rap verses, creating an irresistible melange of R&B and hip-hop. Narratively, the lyrics explore themes of power, passion, and the intriguing dynamics of a secret relationship. Ultimately, “Hot Tottie” exudes a hedonistic vibe, capturing the thrill and transgressions of a passionate, covert liaison. Be it the catchy refrain or the provocative lyrics, the track is a celebration of Usher’s unabashed sensuality and Jay-Z’s adroit lyricism.

24. Nice & Slow – Ryan James Carr Remake

The song speaks volumes about mainstream R&B in the late 90s, infusing the genre with a deep sense of intimacy and sensuality, indicative of Usher’s artistic evolution. The lyrics are a narrative of anticipation, setting the mood with Usher’s impending visit to a lover. It’s a simmering symphony of desire as Usher promises to take their relationship ‘nice and slow’, underlining the sensual connect and building anticipation.

The song is more than just a serenade, it’s Usher’s blueprint for romance, arranging meetings and longing for the moment they both succumb to passion. He paints a vivid picture of circling the city streets, contemplating the perfect place to take the relationship to the next level. Rendered in Usher’s creamy vocals, the song subtly transitions from sensual promises to declarations of wanting to get ‘freaky’. It is both a testament to Usher’s ability to delve into deeper, more intimate narratives, and a masterful example of his command over smooth R&B melodies.

23. Confessions Part II Remix (feat. Shyne, Twista & Kanye West)

The song delves into Usher’s remorse over infidelity and its complications, including an unexpected pregnancy. It’s a lyrical whirlwind of guilt, regret, and an attempt to salvage what’s left of a relationship tarnished by lies. Usher’s smooth and emotive delivery paints a vivid picture of a man cornered by his transgressions. With Twista’s rapid-fire verses adding a sense of urgency, Shyne’s introspective bars from behind bars, and Kanye’s self-reflective verse, each collaboration adds more depth to the narrative, making it richer and more complex. This remix elevates the confessional theme of the original song, expanding on the internal turmoil of the protagonist – Usher – and providing a deeper understanding of the far-reaching effects of his actions.

22. Rivals (feat. Future)

Infused with heartfelt lyrics, the song explores the layered dynamics of a romantic relationship. The ‘Dirty South’ vibes present in the beats hearken back to Usher’s Atlanta roots, reinforcing his status as a pop-R&B powerhouse. The lyrics dwell on themes of loyalty, intense romance, and the unwavering belief in one’s partner, invoking the metaphor of a game of cards through repeated references to ‘Spades Ace’. Usher’s velvet smooth vocals paired with Future’s gritty rap verses forge a poignant, passionate narrative. It underlines individual and collective growth, while simultaneously examining the sense of fear and uncertainty that can often pervade a love story. The song leads the listener down an intimate path where love is a constant season, and feelings are laid bare, making it a profound exploration of love and companionship.

21. Peace Sign

The lyrics paint a picture of intimate, carefree romance, filled with the thrill of anticipation and the euphoria of being infatuated. Usher poetically uses the “peace sign” symbolism as a metaphor for an amorous scenario, alluding to a special someone’s legs up in surrender to their passionate encounter. Couched in innuendo, the lyrics evoke a whirlwind of emotions, anchored by Usher’s earnest longing to be with his lover. He repeatedly mentions “never get(ting) enough”, drawing us into the intensity of his feelings. The verses straddle the line between seduction and sweetness, juggling aspects of attraction and deep emotional affection. The lyrics also hint at the beverages that loosen up their tongues and their inhibitions, leading to a passionate entanglement that lasts until sunrise. All in all, “Peace Sign” is Usher at his most candid, encapsulating the depth of his desire in a catchy, harmonious tune that’s unforgettably Usher.

20. Throwback (feat. Jadakiss)

Usher teaming up with hip hop heavyweight Jadakiss, navigating the choppy waters of a broken relationship. Usher, the R&B maestro, bares his soul expressing deep regret over love lost, wishing for a chance to “throwback” to better days, to the beginnings of a love that seemed unending. The lyrics paint a poignant picture of longing and heartache, featuring lines of a man lost in reverie of past bliss. Jadakiss’ lyrical prowess boosts the narrative, reinforcing the theme of regret and longing.

The blend of Usher’s soulful voice and his raw, emotive lyrics, coupled with Jadakiss’ gritty verses, creates a powerful track that resonates with anyone who’s ever been stung by love’s cruel irony. The song explores the theme of hindsight being 20/20, with Usher and Jadakiss articulating the distress and desperation that comes with realizing a lost love’s worth too late.

19. She Came II Give It II U (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Driven by Usher’s smooth R&B prowess and propelled by Minaj’s rap bravura, this track sizzles with infectious energy and irresistible swagger. The song delves into a dancefloor narrative, with Usher crooning about a mysterious lady who has come to ‘give it’ on the dance floor. He’s bemused, confused, and totally captivated, hooked on her spunky charm. His vocal gymnastics underscore this intrigue perfectly.

Enter Nicki Minaj, giving this track another dimension with her spitfire rap verse. Nicki delivers her lines with trademark sass, infusing the song with a real sense of girl power. Her wordplay is as slick as MJ’s ‘early curl’, and she hits a home run, not in baseball terms, but in the club vibe Usher initiates. The track stays on message, boasting no shortcuts while celebrating a good time. It’s a funky mix of R&B and hip-hop elements that has Usher’s signature all over it, while Minaj’s verse brings the right amount of spice. A club banger, for sure!

18. Slow Jam (feat. Monica)

The track unfolds as a narrative, capturing an emotional journey evoked by music, dance, and romance. Usher transforms a common dance floor encounter into a profound moment of connection. A serendipitous meeting at a dance becomes a transformative experience as mutual attraction blossoms into deep emotional involvement.

The tempo of a slow jam becomes a potent metaphor for a blossoming romance- slow, sweet, and tantalizingly in sync. Usher and Monica’s harmonies infuse the lyrics’ narrative with a palpable sense of tenderness, escalating the song from a mere duet to a heartfelt conversation between two lovers. With “Slow Jam,” Usher successfully pays tribute to the time-honored tradition of slow dancing, turning a dancefloor into the breeding ground for love that’s as mesmerizing as the melodies of a slow jam.

17. Good Good – Jax Jones Midnight Snacks Remix

Unlike the clichéd tear-jerking ballads we’re used to, this track is a celebration of a relationship that, despite not ending in the coveted ‘forever,’ certainly wasn’t a waste. Usher’s staple honey-dripped vocals, layered over Jax Jones’s pulsating beats, tell a story of two people who didn’t quite make it for the long haul, yet harbor no hard feelings. It’s about appreciating the journey, even if the destination wasn’t what was expected. The song encapsulates the core sentiment of staying ‘good’ with an ex-lover, even when the romantic flame burns out. It’s a detailed portrayal of a pair that might not be ‘good together’ any longer but are still ‘good’ as individuals. This track is a refreshing perspective on breakups that highlights maturity, understanding, and respect instead of familiar resentment-tinted narratives.

16. Good Good – Jax Jones Midnight Snacks Dub

Amidst the toe-tapping beats, the lyrics delve into post-breakup introspection, laced with a surprising touch of camaraderie. It’s a mature look at a love story that wasn’t meant to last, but memories of which still hold value. Usher laments the inability to be a lover to his past partner, but wishes her better, even when they are no longer together. He expresses a desire for honesty between the two and a sincere wish for her future happiness. It’s a poignant reflection on a love that could not survive the test of time, conceding that even though they weren’t “good good” for each other, they are “still good” in their own ways. The song embraces the optimistic side of breakups, putting a positive spin on an often gloomy subject, and in doing so, creates something quite brilliant and relatable. The original track was a pop-R&B hybrid, but this ‘Midnight Snacks Dub’ version flips it into an infectious dancefloor anthem, offering both food for thought and for your dance cravings!

15. Lil Freak (feat. Nicki Minaj)

The song, infused with a pulsating beat designed to draw you into its intoxicating rhythm, showcases Usher’s dominance on the dance floor and his prowess in flirtation. The lyrics depict a club setting where Usher and Minaj are on the hunt for a third party to join their wild escapade. They don’t mince words; the song is all about pushing boundaries and owning their desires. Adding spice to the mix, Minaj’s verse is a standout, filled with wit, audacity, and her signature quickfire flow. It flexes her lyrical genius with clever wordplay and pop culture references. The chemistry between Usher and Minaj is palpable, uniting their different styles in a risqué, unapologetic soiree of pop and hip hop. The result is a bold, provocative track that embodies the uninhibited spirit of contemporary pop music.

14. Lemme See (feat. Rick Ross)

In this sultry joint featuring Rick Ross, Usher invites his lady love to ditch the talk and show him what she’s got. The lyrics toe the line between sensual and explicit, painting a picture of an intoxicating night where inhibitions get lower with the Merlot. Usher excels again in capturing the essence of slow jams, infusing his characteristic RnB sensuality with Ross’s tough-luxe rap verse. It’s a game of anticipation and revelation, as the seduction unravels in layers of bold claims and flirtatious rebuttals. Rick Ross adds another dimension with his luxurious imagery of wealth and opulence. All in all, “Lemme See” serves as a smoldering, sensuous anthem for those daring nights of passion and desire.

13. California (from Songland) (feat. Tyga)

A sultry slice of pop brilliance. The lyrics, a mix of romantic longing and pandemic-induced distancing, seamlessly navigating between club-ready hype and intimate confessions. Usher bemoans a locked down Atlanta while yearning for the sun-drenched escapism of California.

His dreamy imagination extends to a luxury-filled landscape replete with flashy Rolls-Royces, glittering necklaces, and idyllic sunsets framed by palm trees. Yet, amidst the heady splendor, Usher centers his yearning on a loved one he’s apart from. This romantic angle adds a bittersweet undertone to the otherwise sun-soaked dream.

Tyga steps into the narrative with a nonchalant charm, unrolling a wish list of shared experiences he aims to provide. Overall, “California” deftly captures the stinging nostalgia of pre-lockdown freedom, wrapped in a glossy package of opulent fantasies and romantic yearning.

12. Risk It All – From the Original Motion Picture “The Color Purple”

Rooted in the timeless struggle between fear and fervor, the lyrics delve into the heart’s rift between safety and desire. Usher grapples with love as both a religion and a condition, distressing and reverential. He also addresses the prevailing human hunger for connection that keeps us chasing after love, despite the potential heartbreak, emphasizing the value we place on shared emotional experience.

Central to the track is the recurring motif of risk, symbolizing the leap of faith one must take in love. Usher articulates his willingness to “risk it all,” driving home the point that love, with all its complexity and potential for pain, is decidedly worth the gamble. The song is a heartfelt exploration of love’s dual nature, the ecstasy and the agony, the heaven and the hell, concluded by Usher’s surrender to love despite the inevitable fall. It’s a tender ode to the audacity of love, a willing plunge into the beautiful unknown.

11. Don’t Waste My Time (feat. Ella Mai)

Usher delivers a lesson in silky-smooth R&B artistry, proving his ability to remain relevant in an ever-evolving pop music landscape. Partnering with Ella Mai, a rising star in her own right, the duo deliver a captivating performance, each bringing their own stylistic flair to the track. The lyrics express a yearning for genuine connection, both romantically and physically, with an underlining sentiment of impatience towards pretence and hesitance.

The words “Good lovin’, no questions, reach out, and you’ll touch me, bad habits, don’t judge me, just don’t waste my time” serve as an anthem for all those who prioritize authenticity and directness in their relationships. An intimate late-night affair blossoms into a candid plea against wasted time and futile games. By laying bare insecurities and desires, Usher and Ella Mai invite listeners to connect with their own experiences of love and longing. So friends and lovers, let’s not waste time, and groove on to this soulful Usher collaboration.

10. No Limit (feat. Young Thug)

This Usher collaboration brought a fresh, modern sound to the airwaves. Usher’s smooth, sultry vocals are accompanied by Young Thug’s eccentric delivery, giving the track a distinct Southern trap flavor. No doubt, the song centers around high ambitions, endless possibilities, and limitless love. It’s basically an open-ended love letter to a special woman, highlighting the lengths Usher is willing to go to please her. Money is no object, and the sky’s the limit. The Master P references are a homage to the ’90s Southern hip hop scene, cleverly tying in Usher’s own Southern roots. The catchy, repetitive phrases like “There’s no limit, baby” resonate, making it not just an earworm, but a statement of Usher’s enduring relevance in the ever-evolving pop music landscape.

9. Love in This Club, Pt. II (feat. Beyoncé & Lil’ Wayne)

This remix of Usher’s chart-topping single that features none other than Queen Bey and Weezy. This dubbed-out version trades the original’s pulsating club beats for sultry piano chords, setting the scene for a passionate narrative of forbidden attraction. Usher’s buttery tenor vibes with the track’s R&B smoothness, as he lays out his irresistible proposition to a lady caught in his mesmerizing charms.

Adding to the heat are guest spots from Beyoncé and Lil’ Wayne, each contributing their unique flavor to the bop. Beyoncé plays the object of Usher’s affection, her velvety voice conveying a tinge of excitement and apprehension, while Lil’ Wayne injects a dose of raw energy and cheeky confidence. The song encapsulates an enticing game of temptation, intertwining desire with the thrill of potential exposure, symbolizing the reckless abandon often found in love. In all, “Love in This Club, Pt. II” is a testament to Usher’s mastery over R&B, bolstered by the star power of his collaborators, it’s a remix done right.

8. Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home) (feat. Plies)

This smooth R&B jam is all about romantic pursuits and bringing the energy back into a relationship. Usher seduces with his velvety vocals, promising unforgettable nights and seamless affection to his lady love. He is ready to take control, playfully assigning himself the role of ‘Daddy’ — a metaphor for his willingness to step up and cater to his partner’s emotional and physical needs. Plies adds a touch of rap, adding a slightly edgier feel to the otherwise smooth track. He boasts about his riches, continuing the theme of providing for a partner. Overall, “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” is a catchy, playful song celebrating gallantry and dominance. With Usher’s adept vocals and Plies’ slick interlude, it’s no surprise that this song is a Club Banger!

7. I Don’t Mind (feat. Juicy J)

Exploring a respectful, mature perspective on the world of exotic dancing. The track serves as an endorsement of a woman’s independence and choices, as long as they don’t interfere with their partnership. Usher’s honeyed vocals slide over a seductively smooth beat, acknowledging his woman’s line of work, emphasizing that he’s comfortable with his lady dancing on the pole or working late—all while bringing home the bacon. It doesn’t make her less in his eyes; instead, he respects her hustle.

Rapper Juicy J’s feature cleverly builds on the narrative, detailing the nightlife in clubs and the relentless pursuit of luxury and pleasure. Nonetheless, it always circles back to the respect for the dancer’s grind and personal agency. “I Don’t Mind” shakes off taboos, normalizing and acknowledging the fact that, at the end of the day, work is work, and every form of it deserves admiration and respect while celebrating the mutual benefit within a relationship.

6. OMG (feat.

An infectious dance-floor anthem courtesy of the dynamic collaboration between Usher and, a veritable pop music titan. The song’s lyrics, steeped in the language of effervescent club culture, are an unabashed celebration of romantic discovery. Usher’s lyrical narration is all about an immediate and electrifying attraction to a woman he encounters in a club setting – her dance moves, her body, and the irresistible aura she illuminates. It’s a classic love-at-first-sight scenario, but with an unmistakable Usher twist. Combined with’s vibrant and bouncy production, the song encapsulates the exhilaration of love kindled amongst pulsating beats and flashing lights. However, it’s not just about brimming desire or the euphoria of the moment. It’s about the potential of what could be – the start of a love story written in the language of thumping bass and thriving synth lines. This club-ready banger highlights Usher’s adeptness in combining pop and R&B staples with dance music elements, resulting in a track that is as pulsating as it is contagious.

5. Love in This Club (feat. Young Jeezy)

The song features rapper Young Jeezy and exudes a pulsating, electronic R&B vibe. Danceable yet intense, it’s a testament to Usher’s ability to merge infectious beats with poignant lyrics.

The lyrics depict a narrative of a spontaneous, passionate encounter in a nightclub. Usher, the protagonist, is drawn to a woman across the club. He’s assertive, inviting her to leave her friends and join him. The pair share an instant chemistry, a pull that proves irresistible to Usher. Breathing life into the lyrics, Usher’s vocals underscore the intensity and urgency of his desires.

The song’s bridge, performed by Young Jeezy, adds a new layer to the narrative. Jeezy’s rap verses provide a vivid imagery of a luxurious, fast-paced lifestyle that aligns with the opulence of a nightclub. With its captivating narrative and irresistible beats, “Love in This Club” is a standout track that helped solidify Usher’s position as a titan of 2000s pop and R&B.

4. Good Good

It’s Usher’s gracious acknowledgement that despite the termination of their romantic relationship, the bond they shared doesn’t entirely dissipate. Usher asserts, they ain’t “good good”, but they’re still “good”, affirming the existence of residual fondness post break-up. He hopes his ex finds another and experiences satisfaction in life, emphasizing magnanimity over bitterness.

The lyrics tackle the intricacies of maintaining a healthy dynamic after parting ways. Usher resonates with the familiar struggle of defining boundaries when the terrain shifts from love to friendship. He unintentionally defies the stereotype of exes morphing into foes, as his bond with his ex seems to have amplified post-separation. The song wraps up as a testament to enduring affection and an ode to Usher’s knack for portraying heartfelt realities through his music.

3. My Boo

The song, in its aching tenderness, explores a shared history of two people who, even after time and circumstance have pulled them apart, still hold each other dear. With evocative lyrics, the track journeys through a narrative of innocent memories, capturing the shared quirks and intimate moments that define the couple’s relationship. Usher’s lyrics encapsulate the undeniable reality that a first love, though it may fade, leaves an indelible imprint on the heart.

The song is punctuated by soft-spoken confessions and declarations of enduring affection. The chorus hits that emotional sweet spot as Usher admits that another man has taken his place, but in her eyes, he sees the past – the boy she first loved, her “boo”. It’s this nostalgic undercurrent, coupled with Usher’s soulful vocals, that makes “My Boo” a heartfelt tribute to the enduring power of first love.

2. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (feat. Pitbull)

This infectious tune, released in 2010, perfectly distills the exhilaration of a night out, encapsulating the kinetic energy on the dance floor when the music drops. Peppered with lyrical vignettes of hands reaching for the sky and bodies swaying to the rhythm, the song paints a vivid picture of clubbing escapism.

Pitbull’s verse injects some Latino flair with his signature wordplay, topped off with pop cultural references, all the while keeping the narrative in sync with Usher’s energetic chorus. The song is indeed a celebration of letting go, of immersive moments in sound, and the communal euphoria that the right DJ on the right night can induce. It’s a tribute to the unifying power of music, how it can break barriers, spark connections, and yes, even make us fall in love.

1. Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris)

Produced by Lil Jon and featuring both he and Ludacris, the track exhibits an undeniable crunk motif that made it an instant banger. The narrative articulates a familiar club scene; Usher, our protagonist, transfixed by a lady on the dance floor. Captivated by her dance moves and sex appeal, he contemplates the implications of acting on his attraction.

Lil Jon’s definitive “Yeah!” punctuates the track, serving as a tacit endorsement of Usher’s growing interest. Meanwhile, Ludacris delivers his signature witty bars, adding another layer of irresistible charm to the narrative. The song’s lyrics balance a gentleman’s hesitation with a player’s game, creating an intriguing dance-floor narrative. This Usher classic perfectly encapsulates the club-going experience, in what turns out to be a rollercoaster of emotion, temptation, and exhilaration.

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