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Top 12 Best ‘Dua Lipa’ Singles including Collaborations

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In an era where the pop scene often blurs into a homogenous soundscape, Dua Lipa strode in with a neon-lit swagger, her voice a heady mixture of soulful depth and contemporary cool. The British-Albanian singer-songwriter has become a maven of modern pop, carving out a niche that’s both nostalgic and fiercely modern—an irresistible cocktail that’s made her a global icon. With her self-titled debut, she introduced us to a new kind of pop princess—one who wears her vulnerability on her sleeve while displaying an unapologetic strength.

As we watched her rise, Dua Lipa’s discography unfurled like a tapestry of hits, each track a patchwork of various elements that define her cool-girl aesthetic. From the defiant earworm “New Rules” that became an anthem of self-respect, to the sultry “Hotter Than Hell,” which radiates with fiery charisma, her arsenal of tracks range from heart-wrenching ballads to roof-raising bangers. And then there’s “Future Nostalgia,” the album that strutted in and flipped the script, serving up a masterclass in what it means to own the pop genre today. It’s this deft balance of reflective lyricism and dance-floor sensibilities that etches her into the zeitgeist.

Always one to push boundaries, Dua Lipa has never shied away from dynamic collaborations, embodying the hip hop culture’s spirit of communal creativity. Whether it’s joining forces with EDM powerhouses or laying down verses with rap royalty, she’s marked her territory across genres and claimed her spot on the charts repeatedly. Yet, it’s not just about the bops and ballads. Dua Lipa’s singles are cultural snapshots, moments in time that remind us of nights out and heartaches past, all while inviting us to dream of the future.

So let’s get into it. From the introspective “Love Again” to the infectious echoes of “Dance The Night,” here are the Top 15 Singles featuring Dua Lipa.

15. Love Again – Dua Lipa

Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition)

It’s a track that’s all about picking up the pieces and finding the courage to open your heart once more, and let me tell you, the metamorphosis from despair to diva’s delight is spellbinding. The song taps into this alchemy of old-school strings and a modern pop pulse, making it a standout on her ‘Future Nostalgia’ album – a collection that’s already brimming with hits, no less.

What sets “Love Again” apart is its uncanny ability to be both introspective and irresistible on the dance floor. The sample of White Town’s ’90s jam “Your Woman” gives it this retro edge that’s pure gold. And Lipa, with her velvet-smooth vocals, delivers every line with a conviction that’s palpable. It’s a track that’s got emotional depth but also enough beat to make your feet move almost on instinct. In the grand tapestry of Dua’s discography, this one shines as a beacon of resilience, telling us all that no matter the heartache, the beat goes on. It’s a message that resonates, a melody that sticks, making “Love Again” a certifiable addition to any breakdown of Dua Lipa’s most impactful melodies.

14. Potion (with Dua Lipa & Young Thug) – Calvin Harris

Potion (with Dua Lipa & Young Thug)

This is a collaboration that oozes with the kind of charisma that only a power trio like this can conjure up. It’s a musical elixir that’s meant to be savored, from the hypnotic groove to the lush layers of production that Harris is a master at orchestrating.

In the grand ranking of Dua Lipa’s collaborations, “Potion” stands out for its seamless synergy. Dua’s voice glides over the beats with the confidence of an artist who knows her power, while Thugger brings that off-kilter edge that only he can. Every element, from the sultry verses to the catchy chorus, is a testament to the magic that happens when artists at the top of their game come together. It’s not just a pop song; it’s an experience, a vibe, a mood that sticks with you long after the last note. “Potion” is a beguiling addition to Dua Lipa’s ever-expanding gallery of pop anthems, a collaboration that’s as intoxicating as it sounds.

13. Be the One – Dua Lipa

Be the One

This is the tune that lit the fuse for Dua Lipa’s soaring career – it was like a siren’s call that you just couldn’t ignore. With a bouncing synth line that’s both nostalgic and fresh, the track became an anthem for anyone who’s ever wanted to be chosen, to be the one worth fighting for. It’s a plea, a promise, and a powerhouse of pop all rolled into one.

What makes “Be the One” such a stand-out is Dua Lipa’s vocal prowess, where she seamlessly oscillates between vulnerability and strength. It’s got that sticky chorus that just lives in your head rent-free, and it became the cornerstone of her self-titled debut album. The track was a harbinger of the pop dominance that Dua would soon command, a solid gold hit that held its own amid the fierce competition of the charts. For any Lipa lineup or collab ranking, “Be the One” isn’t just an entry—it’s a crowning jewel in her discography, encapsulating the essence of what makes Dua Lipa a modern-day pop empress.

12. Electricity (with Dua Lipa) – Silk City

Electricity (with Dua Lipa)

This powerhouse anthem crackles with the energy of an all-night rave and the emotion of a raw heart-to-heart. The dance floor becomes a confessional, and Dua Lipa, with her smoldering, sultry voice, is our high priestess of pop, confessing desires over pulsating beats like she’s channeling the spirits of house music deities.

Lipa isn’t just featured; she’s the dynamo driving the whole electrifying experience. “Electricity” lights up the room, with Diplo and Mark Ronson of Silk City mastering the currents, while Dua Lipa strikes like lightning with her fervent vocals. It’s more than a song – it’s a phenomenon, sweeping listeners into a frenzy of feel-good vibes. This track deservedly jolts its way through the pop stratosphere, and onto our list, leaving us charged up and ready for more.

11. Sweetest Pie – Megan Thee Stallion

Sweetest Pie

This isn’t just a song; it’s a confectionary powerhouse, a melding of minds from pop royalty and hip-hop’s reigning queen. When these two artists come together, the result is nothing short of explosive—a testament to Lipa’s versatility as a collaborator who can go toe-to-toe with artists from any genre.

Dua Lipa brings that sugary-sweet vocal juxtaposition to Megan Thee Stallion’s fiery bars, and “Sweetest Pie” becomes an audacious anthem that’s got as much sass as it does class. It’s the musical equivalent of a decadent dessert with a spicy kick—the kind that leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds. In the grand buffet of Lipa’s collaborations, “Sweetest Pie” stands out as a bold, flavourful choice that proves her artistry is as eclectic as it is exquisite.

10. Kiss and Make Up – Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa (Complete Edition)

This track is an irresistible blend of Western pop sensibilities with K-pop’s signature addictive charm. It’s a testament to Dua’s versatility and her uncanny ability to cross musical borders with ease.

“Kiss and Make Up” merges emotive English and Korean lyrics, dealing with the push-pull of a relationship on the brink. The song’s magnetic pull lies in its lush production layered with pulsating beats that dare you not to dance. It’s a bop through and through, and when it dropped, fans worldwide ate it up, adding serious cred to Dua Lipa’s global appeal. In terms of pop collabs, this gem stands out for bringing together distinct musical heritages to create a universal language of heartache and reconciliation—one that resonates on a profound level with legions of fans.

9. We’re Good – Dua Lipa

Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition)

Off her repackaged album ‘Future Nostalgia: The Moonlight Edition,’ Lipa dives into the tranquil waters of contemporary pop with a reggae-infused beat that simmers with a cool nonchalance. The song’s languid tempo and her enunciated crooning paint a picture of a poised breakup, one where parting ways is not an earth-shattering event but an amicable transition.

Dua makes a compelling case for emotionally mature splits, forgoing the drama to glide gracefully on the ‘better-off-alone’ tide. “We’re Good” exudes a unique elegance, showcasing her versatility as an artist, effortlessly straddling the domains of pop majesty and chilled-out vibes.

8. Scared to Be Lonely – Martin Garrix

Scared to Be Lonely

It’s the kind of track that’ll have you swaying and swiping away a solitary tear on the dance floor. Lipa’s smoky vocals cascade over Martin Garrix’s brooding beats, capturing the angst of modern romance with a raw intensity that’s as captivating as it’s relatable.

It wasn’t just another banger—it was a moment, a sonic snapshot of the vulnerability that throbs beneath the neon lights. A prime example of Dua’s chameleon-like ability to navigate genres, this collab cemented her not only as a pop princess but as a siren for the heartbroken club-goers. This track isn’t afraid to ask, “Is it just our bodies?” and in doing so, it firmly etches itself into the echelons of Lipa’s most memorable contributions to the pop landscape.

7. Dance The Night

Dance The Night (From Barbie The Album)

While the cut tries to ride on the high heels of pop anthems, it staggers under the weight of its own bubblegum pop ambitions. It’s Dua doing a quick two-step, rather than a full-blown boogie. You know she’s got the pipes and the moves—it’s more of a playful side step in her discography.

6. IDGAF – Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa (Deluxe)

This song doesn’t just walk; it struts with a swagger that’s coated in the kind of glossy, yet gritty finish that’s become Dua’s trademark. It’s an audacious middle finger to past lovers, wrapped in a shiny pop package that you can’t help but chant along to.

The raw emotional honesty in “IDGAF” pairs with a slick, catchy hook that’s engineered for chart domination, but don’t let that fool you; there’s a layer of depth here. Dua isn’t just serving vocals; she’s dishing out a lesson in self-respect and moving on with a level of cool that can’t be taught. This jam is a gauntlet thrown down to the pop world, proving that Ms. Lipa is not here for the short haul. Instead, she’s carving out her niche with anthems that resonate with anyone who’s ever had to say “enough” and mean it. In the pantheon of Dua’s discography, “IDGAF” stands tall, beloved by fans, and respected by peers. It’s a formidable contribution to her growing status as a pop maven.

5. No Lie – Sean Paul

Mad Love The Prequel

The song is a sizzling concoction that spins a web of hypnotic beats and a chorus that’s all about living for the moment. It’s the kind of track that doesn’t just cling to your earbuds; it takes residence in your mind, coaxing you to let loose and live a little. The song encapsulates the carefree spirit that best defines pop’s reverberating impact on the club scene.

Released in the run-up to Dua’s eponymous debut album, “No Lie” added a vital notch to her rise in the pop arena. Sean Paul’s seasoned swagger complements Lipa’s fresh energy, creating a dancehall-pop hybrid which found its way into playlists and parties worldwide. The track’s appeal isn’t just in its infectious rhythm, it’s also a testament to Dua Lipa’s chameleon-like ability to slip into different genres, making her stamp on the song without being overshadowed by the veteran Paul. In the constellation of Dua’s early features, this one shines bright for its fiery beat and the kinetic chemistry between the artists.

4. New Rules – Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa (Deluxe)

Grounded in its straight-shooting lyrics, the banger quickly became a manifesto for anyone looking to break free from the gravitational pull of a go-nowhere relationship. What makes “New Rules” stand out isn’t just its earworm status but the way it encapsulates the zeitgeist of a generation ready to reclaim their autonomy, one infectious hook at a time.

The production melds tropical house beats with a crisp, minimalist approach that lets Dua’s vocal confidence shine. It was a cultural reset, a moment where her star power went supernova. Not just a chart-topper but a viral sensation, the track’s influence spanned beyond the airwaves to become fuel for countless TikToks, memes, and empowering playlists. This isn’t just a pop song; it’s a cultural cornerstone in Dua Lipa’s ever-rising career, a defining piece in her discography that has cemented her as a formidable voice in modern pop music. “New Rules” isn’t just a hit; it’s an institution, a masterclass in turning personal liberation into universal revelation.

3. Cold Heart – PNAU Remix – Elton John

Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)

Elton John’s timeless flair smashes into Dua Lipa’s modern chic to create a seamless mesh of classics reborn for today’s dancefloor. PNAU, with a deft touch, slices and dices through Elton’s archives, stitching together pieces of his legendary hits. What we’re left with is a reinvented tapestry that feels both nostalgic and freshly inspired.

Part of the genius here is in the unexpected chemistry between Elton and Dua. Her crisp, contemporary vocal slices through the track with a clarity that complements the warmth of Elton’s iconic tones. This is not just a passing of the pop torch; it’s a celebration of its everlasting flame. “Cold Heart” doesn’t just remix a song—it remixes an era. Dua Lipa’s part in this is crucial; she represents the zeitgeist of the genre, pulling the legend of Elton into the orbit of today’s listeners. It’s a cultural handshake that resonates profoundly with both Elton’s lifelong fans and Dua’s own formidable following, earning its place as a standout in her growing list of hits and high-profile collaborations.

2. One Kiss (with Dua Lipa) – Calvin Harris

One Kiss (with Dua Lipa)

The track is a deceptively simple anthem, anchored by Dua’s sultry vocals and Calvin’s groovy bassline, invoking a nostalgia-infused rapture that’s tough to shake off.

It was a smash hit that dominated the charts, owning summer playlists and airwaves alike. Dua’s commanding delivery of “One kiss is all it takes, fallin’ in love with me” over Harris’s expertly crafted beat struck a chord, morphing into an infectious chorus that could hold its own alongside the biggest earworms of her career to date. The chemistry between these two artists ignited a firestorm, churning out not just a hit but an anthem that still commands you to move. No doubt, in the grand scheme of Dua Lipa’s skyrocketing trajectory, “One Kiss” is a crowning jewel in her discography.

1. Houdini – Dua Lipa


Dua Lipa shows off her knack for conjuring up hooks that are as enchanting as a disappearing act, yet stick with you long after the final curtain call.

Though it might not be headlining every top chart, “Houdini” quietly steals the show, showcasing Dua’s lesser-seen but equally mesmerizing laid-back vibe. In the grand theatrics of her discography, this number may seem like a subtle sleight of hand, but make no mistake, it holds its own. It’s where the magic of her intuitive musical sense meets the rabbit hole of her experimental side, giving us a glimpse of a track that is unafraid to take a backseat yet leaves a lasting impression.

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