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Doja Cat’s Top 15 Tracks in Popularity

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Doja Cat is no stranger to the crests and troughs of the pop music rollercoaster. Sweeping off with her viral hit ‘Mooo!’ she’s been mixing and stirring the industry pot like a chef on a mission. With her earworm hits and genre-bending ferocity, Doja’s creating waves akin to pop titans like Madonna and Britney in their heyday. Her lyrical prowess? Unmatched. Each word, each phrase – it’s clear Doja isn’t just throwing rhymes, she’s cooking up stories. ‘Streets’ isn’t just a song, it’s a saga. Not just a set of verses but an entire universe of emotions, melding R&B with hip hop, and pop with funk. Pure genius! But let’s not forget those rough patches. From being accused of attending ‘racist chatrooms’ to facing severe backlash on her COVID-19 remarks, Doja’s seen it all. She’s juggled with controversy and celebrity gossip, like a true-blue pop diva. Yet, she stands tall, shrugs off the dust, and belts out another chartbuster. Undeniably, Doja’s rise to pop royalty hasn’t been devoid of stumbles. But it’s the bounce-back that makes her all the more relatable. Toying with the music playlist, but hitting the right notes. The rise. The fall. The drama. It’s all there – just hit the next Doja Cat track.

15. So High

With a vibe that’s as intoxicating as it is chilling, Doja Cat’s debut single “So High” quickly catapulted her into the stratosphere of the music industry. This cool cat’s hypnotic beats and dreamy lyrics painted a vivid picture of heavenly heights, that sent listeners straight on a trip to cloud nine. It’s an addictive love anthem that has left fans breathtaken. Her synth-centric R&B creates an ethereal soundscape that marries perfectly with the raw emotion her vocals convey. “So High” showed us that music can be a narcotic, something Doja has continued with in her other hits. While some may dismiss it as a stoner ballad, Doja’s lyrical prowess and unique sound on “So High” prove she’s a rising star to watch. Her lyrical bluntness and fearlessness laid the foundation for what was to be an eclectic and variegated discography. Keep those speakers knocking, homes. It’s Doja’s world. We’re just living in it.

14. Rules

Cue Doja Cat, hitmaker, with her hip-hop banger “Rules”. The 2019 track appearing on ‘Hot Pink’, set the music scene ablaze, proving our girl isn’t just about viral TikTok sensations. The lyrics scream power and control as Doja lays down the law in her distinct, fierce style. The cryptic music video, featuring Doja in a serpent-themed outfit, added a layer of intrigue and reinforced the track’s gritty, unapologetically raw nature. This is Doja doing what Doja does best – throwing curveballs, shattering expectations, and all the while staying true to her emotional, real-world vision. Perhaps it’s apt to say, with “Rules”, Doja Cat didn’t just bend the music industry norms, she shattered them completely, and we are all here for it. With this track, you can’t help but feel that Doja Cat’s only ‘rule’ is to keep on surprising us.

13. Get Into It (Yuh)

“Get Into It (Yuh)” is a bubblegum pop meets hip-hop vibe that Doja Cat rocks effortlessly. With nods to Nicki Minaj, her major influence, Doja flips the script and showcases her unique flow. She’s got the swagger and the skills to turn a simple phrase into a catchy hook, repeating “Yuh” with so much sass that it’s infectious. Her fearless personality shines through, blending playfulness with some serious bass. Rife with explosive lines and flirtatious vibes, “Get Into It” speaks to the emotional high of getting into something new and exciting. An anthem for the daring and free-spirited, it’s almost impossible not to groove to the beat. Doja’s style is consistently unapologetic on this track, always authentically her.

12. Ain’t Shit

Struck with a raw earworm beat, “Ain’t Shit” from Doja Cat’s album “Planet Her” is a ruthless clap-back anthem that most definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted. She’s hitting hard with punchy lyrics, razor-sharp wit, and a masterclass execution, making it a looping hit on playlist rotation. The single tells a tale of romantic deception and frustration, blending summer beats with the chill of betrayal. Doja’s lyrics part ocean waves, leading listeners into the raw and emotive world of love’s shadow side. Her trademark sass is on full display, arguably pushing her artistic bounds even further. Yet, beneath her fiery delivery is an undertow of vulnerability, a nod to the universal human experience. “Ain’t Shit” meshes Doja’s signature musical artistry with raw candor, providing fans a cathartic experience that stretches beyond the typical breakup track. An undeniable testament to her evolving artistry.

11. Say So

A throwback jam that feels straight off a 70’s disco album, “Say So” showcases Doja Cat’s versatility. It’s no surprise this catchy tune topped charts worldwide; it’s got that magnetic blend of groovy beats with sugar-sweet pop that you just can’t shake off. And let’s not forget that iconic TikTok dance challenge – the viral sensation that had the whole planet swaying and spinning to the beat. Dishing out lyrics filled with playful teasing and unspoken desires, “Say So” is like a ride on a vintage roller coaster. It taps into that old-school vibe while still ringing true with today’s listener. Doja Cat plays the emotional game right, infusing her songs with just enough heart to hook you in while keeping the party going. Keep spinning that record, this girl’s got more jams up her sleeve.

10. Boss Bitch

Shattering norms with her raw lyrical prowess, Doja Cat unleashed the femme fatale within her in the mega-banger, “Boss Bitch.” Nestled perfectly within the punchy soundtrack of the “Birds of Prey” movie, this track saw Doja stepping out of her chill, groovy comfort zone and plunging headfirst into clubby, aggressive rap. Lyrically, she flexes her dominance, embodying the concept of a woman who is unapologetically in charge. The fiery beat layered with her razor-sharp delivery makes it an adrenaline shot straight to the veins, while its music video is an eye-popping, neon-charged, harlequin roller-coaster ride that mirrors the chaotic yet confident spirit of the song. It’s a feisty anthem for women everywhere to unleash the boss within. In “Boss Bitch”, Doja Cat makes a fearless declaration, proving she’s got the control, the power, and the sass to conquer the music world. Buckle up, and get ready for her rule.

9. Demons

“Demons,” off Doja Cat’s genre-bending album “Hot Pink,” slaps. Seriously, it’s dark, it’s catchy, it’s everything you want in a track. Doja dances with her inner demons, her flow spicy, and her lyrics raw. It’s some real emo vibes, drawing you in with laid-back but intense trap beats. Yet, there’s a lightness in her voice that contrasts with the track’s shadowy themes. It’s this same juxtaposition that defines her artistry – a blend of whimsy and melancholy, darkness and light. A uniquely Doja blend indeed. If you haven’t dived headfirst into “Demons” yet, you’re seriously missing out. Hop onto the emotional rollercoaster, fam. It’s a ride you won’t forget.

8. Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS)

Don’t you love it when a movie about another famous star, in this case, none other than Elvis, brings together a dope tune like this?

7. Need to Know

Flexing her interstellar chops, Doja Cat’s “Need to Know” is a bop straight from the cosmos. This track, fresh off the “Planet Her” album, throws down with low-key high-fi vibes, with our cosmic queen taking us to the stars and back, one verse at a time. Not just your average pop tune, this missile is loaded with inquisitive lyrics, laced with a sexual curiosity that’s got everyone’s tongues wagging. “Need to Know” lands in the galaxy of Doja’s discography like a meteorite, revealing a demiurge who’s not afraid to explore her desires. With a seductive melody that matches its curious lyrics, the song has marked its territory in the landscape of 2021’s pop scene, leaving the masses vibing and gyrating to its infectious rhythm. Remember, this alien cat isn’t playing around; she’s as real as real gets. Brace yourself for the next invasion!

6. Attention

“Attention” is a certified banger from Doja Cat’s album ‘Planet Her’. It’s a synth-pop princess dream, meshing 80s vibes with contemporary flair, proving that Doja is more than just a one-trick pony. In it, she spills her guts about yearning for more attention, creating an emotional rollercoaster that hits you right where it hurts. Doja Cat’s lyrical prowess is undeniable as she talks of pain and longing within the glitz and glamour of her poppy beats. It’s the perfect combo of dance floor bops and heart-wrenching introspection that makes “Attention” a standout track on the album. Despite its upbeat tempo, it serves up some serious emotional rawness, showing that she’s not just a bedazzled superstar, but a raw, complex artist in her own right. So, if you’re up for a little dance-cry session, put “Attention” on. It won’t disappoint.

5. You Right

Doja Cat’s “You Right” collab with The Weeknd is a sultry vibe full of pop nirvana. It serves up real, raw emotional reckoning with the struggle of longing for what’s not in your grasp. Taken from her album, “Planet Her,” this song showcases Doja’s ability to serve up R&B realness while seamlessly blending in elements of pop. There’s a whole lot of feelings wrapped up with this tune, not your average love ballad. Rather, a confession of desires for someone when you’re already taken. It’s the angst, the emotional tug-of-war that makes this song a pop confection. Buckle up for the ride, peeps, cos Doja isn’t one to hold back. Through her music, she gives it to us straight, no chaser. “You Right” is a pensive track with a mellow beat that hits you right in the feels.

4. Streets

Doja Cat’s “Streets” — born from her sophomore album ‘Hot Pink’ — drenches the listener in an intimate, almost confessional vibe. Her velvety vocals navigate the landscapes of heartache and desire, laced with hauntingly beautiful undertones expressing vulnerability – it’s heart throbbing stuff. With her unique blend of R&B, pop and trap, she drills into that emotional core showing versatility in her craft. The single’s success wasn’t overnight – it simmered in TikTok as a slow-burning sensation before erupting into a cultural supernova. The ‘Silhouette Challenge’, driven by “Streets”, showcased the power of the digital era in music promotion and consumption. As one of the must-listen tracks of 2021, it strongly affirms Doja Cat’s imprint in the biz. This is one moment in our musical times that will give you pause, while subtly addicting you to Doja’s expressive, emotional style. A kind of magic, wrapped in a beat.

3. Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)

Doja Cat proves she’s no one-hit-wonder with the celestial bop “Kiss Me More,” featuring the queen of chill-pop, SZA. Dialing back from her more raucous “Say So,” this tune is a softer, more sensual glide into breezy melodies. You can almost feel the cool summer wind as the hypnotic chorus takes you on a joyride. Honoring the art of the tease, “Kiss Me More” encapsulates the euphoric beginning stages of attraction. Doja Cat and SZA’s vocals symbiotically blend like sunset colors, enhancing the emotional depth of the song. The harmonious duo paints a starlit picture of tender longing and delicate passion. Doja’s swaying between playful rap verses and silky chorus adds texture, offering listeners an enticing musical voyage. It’s a candy-coated serenade that Snickers at heartbreak. Adieu, until our next musical exploration.

2. Woman

A track from her 2021 album “Planet Her,” where she explores the divine feminine in all its vibrant hues. Dripping in afrobeats, the song really hits different, with Doja weaving a tapestry of women empowerment and individuality. Her lyricism, though, is where she truly bares her soul. The depth and emotional intimacy in “I could be the leader, head of all the states, I could smile and jiggle it ’til his pockets empty” is beyond stellar. This ain’t just a catchy pop tune – it’s a clarion call, a statement, a vibe setter. “Woman” is a testament to Doja’s continuing evolution as an artist, serving us pure fire and leaving us totally shook. And that, peeps, is the Doja Cat effect for ya!

1. Paint The Town Red

You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard this on the airwaves by now.

An absolute smash, do yourself a favour and just listen to it again… just because!

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