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Selena Gomez, an undisputed titan of pop music, has been hitting us with infectious melodies and evocative lyrics since her Disney days. From center stage with “The Scene” to her triumphant solo career, Gomez has consistently proved her knack for churning out songs that leave a lasting impression – emotionally resonant ballads and energetic bops alike.

Whether it’s the shimmering artistry of “A Year Without Rain” and “Good for You”, the raw honesty of “The Heart Wants What It Wants” or the rhythmic allure of “Baila Conmigo”, her sonic palette covers an impressive gamut. Spanning over a decade long career, her discography is a rich tapestry expertly woven with emotion-driven narratives, unapologetic truths, and of course, chart-topping hits. This is a star who knows how to use her voice, not just as a singer, but as an artist who has consistently evolved her sound while staying true to her roots.

From songs that make you want to get up and dance like there’s no tomorrow to tracks that make hearts flutter and minds ponder, this list is a testament to Gomez’s versatility and indomitable spirit. So let’s get into it. From “Kill Em With Kindness” to “Single Soon”, here are the Top 25 Selena Gomez Songs Ranked, from Worst to Best.

25. Kill Em With Kindness

The song challenges listeners to rise above the negativity and conflict often found in their lives. Gomez’s lyrics emphasize the importance of not falling from grace despite how challenging the world can be. The song’s central message is encapsulated in the key phrase ‘kill em with kindness’, representing the act of responding to hatred or anger with kindness instead. This expression of compassion, rather than retaliating with similar hostility, shows a way of life Gomez is advocating. The song calls out to individuals to cease their fights, drop their metaphorical weapons, and decide to kill the hatred with forgiveness and love. It’s a daring and unique track that showcases Gomez’s maturity and insightful perspective on life, insisting that no war or anger can be won through conflict but through kindness.

24. A Year Without Rain

It presents an emotive picture of a deep-seated yearning, underscoring the almost unbearable heaviness of a day without the presence of a beloved. Selena equates the absence of her love to traversing a desert, a stark and aching depiction of missing someone reflected in every word she sings.

But it isn’t all about the loss. This song also keenly anticipates reunion, delicately likened to a monsoon after a drought, offering a sense of hope and resurgence. It’s a reminder that even in our most desperate moments, the promise of love’s return can be a beacon of hope. In essence, the song synthesizes absence, longing, love, and anticipation in an elegant pop package that resonates with anyone who’s ever endured the pain of separation from someone they love.

23. Round & Round

The song spins a tale of an ill-fated love story that keeps looping in circles, hence the catchy chorus ‘Round and ‘Round.’ Selena’s lyrics depict her emotional turmoil, the struggle of yearning for someone who simply can’t provide consistency or security. Her partner is a puzzle, fueling her desire but also driving her crazy with his indecisiveness and mixed signals. The heartache and frustration are palpable, from the heart-racing moments of passion to the tears shed over broken promises. But amidst the pain and confusion, there’s a sense of resilience and self-awareness. Selena knows this relationship is a continuous chase, a cycle that will only leave her dizzy. The track, overall, is a masterful portrayal of the complexities of young love, set to an irresistibly groovy and upbeat rhythm.

22. Rare

The lyrics depict an intimate story of a romantic relationship where her partner’s lack of appreciation for her individuality causes emotional distance. Selena insists on being recognized for her uniqueness, painting a vivid image of a woman standing up for her worth and refusing to settle for less. In the refrain, she uses the word ‘rare’ to epitomize her distinctiveness and to assertively demand recognition from her partner. Her ambitions, she admits, were high but she has no regrets, because being rare is a badge she wears with pride. The song is a triumphant declaration that she’s not just your everyday kind of love interest, but rather, a gem meant to be cherished. “Rare” is Selena Gomez’s stand against being taken for granted and a reminder to all, in relationships and otherwise, of the importance of recognizing and valuing one’s individuality.

21. Look At Her Now

With this number, Gomez delivers a narrative of self-assured growth and resilience, a thematic feature that resonates in her broader discography. Drenched in Electronic Dance Music (EDM) breeziness, “Look At Her Now” serves as a sonic diary entry. It’s a glittering testament to a woman’s journey from a heartbreak to reclaiming her zest for life. The lyrics tap into a melancholic past, marred with trust issues and regrettable decisions, but ultimately celebrate newfound strength and self-assurance. “Look At Her Now” is a shining beacon of Gomez’s no-regret policy, her transformation clear in lyrics about dodging a bullet and growing from her experiences. Set against an upbeat tempo and infectious rhythmic hooks, this song serves as a healing dance track for anyone who’s endured a rough patch. The progression of the song, in a sense, mirrors Selena’s own life journey – making it a poignant note in her musical oeuvre.

20. Good For You

The sultry lyrics trace her efforts to go the extra mile, adorning herself in luxury and ensuring every detail from her dress to her hair is flawless. Gomez’s presentation of herself is no less than a precious marquise diamond, sparking envy even in the iconic Tiffany brand. The undercurrent of self-assured confidence shines brightly as she declares her worth and stands proud in her skin. She promises to put on an unforgettable show while maintaining her integrity and self-image. To carry this sentiment further, the song has an infectious hook where she repeats her intent to look “good for you”— echoing the age-old tradition of dressing up to impress someone while still making a bold statement about her autonomy. A balancing act, indeed, between the expectation of looking good for someone else and her pride in being unabashedly herself.

19. Souvenir

Lyrically, it narrates a series of vivid, snapshot-like memories, painting a picture of an intense, passionate love affair set against the urban backdrop of New York City. The track resonates with an eerie yet enthralling vibe, steeped in a hypnotic blend of sultry rhythms and pulsating beats. The “Egyptian blue” motif in the lyrics is an homage to rare, intimate moments, reminiscent of the antique pigment, signifying the rarity and intensity of the connection she shares with her lover.

The song explores the intoxicating high of a new love, likening that rush to “chills at a hundred degrees,” a clever twist on the trope. Gomez taps into the sensual, almost addictive quality of a fiery romance, likening it to a keepsake one can’t part with – an unforgettable “souvenir”. The song, much like an infatuation, lingers, leaving behind a haunting afterglow.

18. Slow Down

As an ode to living in the moment, the song is a catchy call-to-action for soaking up life’s rhythms. It’s a sultry pop anthem, layered with thumping beats and intoxicating synthesizers that elevate Gomez’s velvety vocals.

In the lyrics, Gomez addresses someone who’s caught her eye, inviting them to join her in a danceable escapade. The theme of seizing the moment permeates as she commands to ‘slow down the song’ – a metaphorical plea for halting time to revel in the joy of the present. The idea of indulging in the electrifying pulse of life and the thrill of romantic attraction grounds “Slow Down”, making it a resonant pop masterpiece in Gomez’s discography.

17. Hands To Myself

A testament to the enticing complexity of attraction and longing, this song is quite a departure from the innocent romantic narratives usually associated with pop princesses. In it, Gomez rolls out a sultry, provocative confession, wrestling with the all-too-human yearning to possess another person. The lyrics capture a tug-of-war between logic and impulse, embodying the intoxicating allure and the consequential recklessness it incites. No line better encapsulates this struggle than the chorus line, “Can’t keep my hands to myself.” It’s an inward battle cry, echoing her struggle between restraint and desire.

Yet, in the midst of the heated tension, Gomez reframes the narrative, voicing a candid, yet whimsical confession: “I mean, I could but why would I want to?” This twist highlights the song’s core message: desire, in all its raw, consuming, undeniable force, is an intrinsic part of the human experience. And sometimes, it’s okay to give into it.

16. Naturally

The song captures essence of new love, reflecting on the refreshing ease of a relationship that feels meant to be. It’s overflowing with youthful verve and an infectious energy that makes it impossible to ignore. The metaphors of ‘thunder’ and ‘lightning’ speak to the electrifying connection between Gomez and her love interest, underlining how their bond creates sparks that seem to transcend the ordinary. It’s a celebration of intuitive love and attraction, provoking us all to follow our instincts and relish in relationships that come ‘naturally’. But beyond its catchy melody and relatable lyrics, it’s truly the authenticity she brings to the song that shows us why Gomez’s star was on the rise. This track is a pure, pop-centric tribute to love that just feels right.

15. Same Old Love

The song paints a vivid picture of a woman who’s had her fill of a painful and wearisome love. It’s clear from her prose that Gomez is disillusioned with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with a wavering relationship, expressing her exhaustion and disgust over the repeated patterns and outcomes. Her frustration is palpable as she describes the feeling of peace her lover leaves with and the shattered pieces she’s left in. It’s a heartbreak anthem, but Gomez refuses to play the victim, showcasing her resilience and tenacity. Instead of succumbing to despair, she declares her intolerance for unhealthy love dynamics and pushes for a resolve. This overarching theme of strength in the face of heartache is what makes “Same Old Love” a significant addition to Gomez’s discography and a favorite amongst fans.

14. Bad Liar

The song gives us an authentic glimpse into the mental gymnastics one goes through while trying to suppress lingering feelings for a past love. Gomez masterfully captures the internal struggle with lyrics that paint a picture of relentless attempts to distract herself from a lost lover. The lyric, “Every time I watch you serpentine,” serves as a potent metaphor for the irresistible allure of an ex who just seems to slither back into your thoughts, uninvited and unavoidable. This saga of love, loss, and longing is tied together with a pulsating beat and a catchy, haunting chorus that sticks with you. This subtle, introspective approach to songwriting sets “Bad Liar” apart in Gomez’s discography and makes it a notable piece in her continuing evolution as an artist.

13. Baila Conmigo (with Rauw Alejandro)

The song stands out in Gomez’s discography due to its intoxicating Latin undercurrent, blending reggaeton rhythms with pop sensibilities. Driven by an urgent beat and a hook that sparks an irresistible desire to dance, this track signified a bold experimentation with Gomez’s sound.

Lyrically, the song captures the thrill of a fleeting romance, engaging in a dance of not just bodies, but also languages and cultures. Gomez, exuding confidence and allure, teases the listener with promises of dancing and fleeting kisses. On the other hand, Rauw Alejandro brings a raw appeal to the track, contributing an equally enthralling verse about the excitement of pursuing an enigmatic lover.

The lyrics dance around the language barriers, building on the unspoken chemistry. Gomez’s wordplay of “no entiendo mucho, pero vente” encapsulates the song’s spirit beautifully—it’s about surrendering to passion and promise, using rhythm as a universal language to navigate the desire.

12. Back To You

The track is a poignant expression of Selena’s longing and confusion, brilliantly capturing the complexities of an on-again, off-again love affair. The song’s lyrics remarkably encapsulate the bitter-sweet pendulum between wanting to move forward and the heartstrings pulling her back to the past. There’s a rawness in Selena’s confessions of unhealed heartaches and affirmations of returning to her lover, despite the emotional toll. Dig a little deeper, and you see Selena’s struggle with her self-identity and vulnerability – acknowledging the allure of the familiar, yet painful past. “Back To You”, with its relatable trials and tribulations, encapsulates the quintessential pop mirage – exuding strength in vulnerability, ensuring Selena’s voice resonates with those traversing their own personal love labyrinths.

11. Come & Get It

It’s an invitation to surrender to the power of love and attraction, borne on a heady, up-tempo rhythm, and it’s steeped in Eastern influences. Hinging on a playful, repetitive “na-na-na-na” refrain, Gomez communicates a bold confidence, asserting her readiness for a committed, head-over-heels kind of love.

Lyrically, the song is about unabashed affection and the intoxication of being in love. It speaks of a strong and patient love, ready to stand by the side of the lover, day and night. This manifests through Gomez’s readiness for her lover to reciprocate her feelings whenever he’s prepared to do so. It also underlines a strong sense of self-assurance in expressing feelings of love openly, embracing the risk of vulnerability and thirsting for a love that’s deep and unregretful. The song wraps up by painting a picture of a love so deep, it would be worth dying for.

10. My Mind & Me

The tune captures Selena Gomez’s struggle with mental health, a theme she has been brutally honest about. The song is an introspective dialogue between her and her mind, revealing her constant battle with her thoughts and the pressure of being in the public eye. Despite the struggle, there’s a defiance in Gomez’s voice, affirming that she wouldn’t change her life, embracing the chaos and hardship as part of her identity. Particularly riveting is the notion shared that if others see her in this state, they might not feel as alone. It’s a powerful, raw piece of self-expression and a testament to her resilience. Though it might not be a pop banger, this introspective tune showcases Gomez’s talent as a thoughtful songwriter.

9. The Heart Wants What It Wants

The waters of love can be murky and Gomez embodies that conflict masterfully in her vocals. The track delves into the emotional roller-coaster of loving someone who isn’t necessarily good for you, yet you can’t help but keep coming back to them. The heartache in Gomez’s voice as she confronts the reality of her toxic relationship is palpable and the song became a cathartic confession of love’s trials and tribulations. The lyrics capture a desperate longing for someone, even when the mind knows better. Gomez is sipping something she knows she can’t compare to anything she’s known, hoping to make it out alive. The stark, tormented lyrics give us a glimpse into the struggle, with love being the puppeteer and Gomez its marionette. But what truly elevates the track is the raw honesty and relatability of the lyrics – the earnest acceptance that sometimes you just can’t help but follow your heart.

8. Fetish (feat. Gucci Mane)

Featuring an electrifying verse from Gucci Mane, this track takes the listeners on a heady journey of a push-pull kind of love, as Selena equates her love to an irresistible allure that one cannot let go of, no matter how hard they try. It hints at a power play, an intense attraction that resembles an addiction, chosen willingly over rational thought. Gucci Mane’s slick rap verse adds a layer of complexity to the song’s narrative, making “Fetish” a potent mix of power dynamics, allure, and deep-rooted desire. The song’s lyrics reflect a full-on acceptance of raw, unrefined passion, wrapped up in Selena’s silky vocals and a brooding, minimalist soundscape. There’s no running from the heart’s deep cravings, after all – not when Selena Gomez is singing about it, anyway!

7. Back To You – From 13 Reasons Why – Season 2 Soundtrack

The track lays out a universal dilemma – the head versus the heart, logic battling the lure of nostalgia. The lyrics delve deep into the territory of unrequited love, dealing with lingering feelings for someone from the past. Gomez wrestles with the paradox of still caring for someone who’s caused heartbreak, a sentiment beautifully encapsulated in the line “You could break my heart in two, But when it heals, it beats for you”. There’s a raw, almost melancholic honesty to the whole song that connects with listeners, turning it into an anthem for everyone who’s ever been caught in the tricky web of a past love. The underlying theme of the track is a longing to mend old ties, a sentiment that resonates due to its universal appeal. It’s Selena’s emotional depth that turns the song into a poignant exploration of love and longing.

6. Who Says

With an infectious chorus and empowering lyrics, the song stands out as a glow-up anthem that encourages Gomez’s young listeners to never question their self-worth based on someone else’s standards. This track carved out a space for the young singer in the pop landscape, establishing her as an artist who’s confident in her skin and not afraid to let her vulnerabilities shine.

The song’s lyrics pulsate with fierce declarations of self-love and self-acceptance. The song hits back at societal standards, asking, “Who says you’re not perfect? Who says you’re not worth it?” It serves as a reminder that beauty can’t be confined to societal norms: “I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me”. It’s a resounding call to arms in refusing to let anyone dictate your worth. The essence of “Who Says” lies not just in its lyrical punch but also in its resonant message of embracing our flaws, our quirks, and ourselves – wholeheartedly.

5. Wolves

The song captures Gomez’s journey through darkness and struggle, all in the name of reaching someone important to her. The recurring metaphor of running with the wolves through the jungle paints a picture of desperation and a relentless pursuit of affection. This quest sees her willingly treading on dangerous territories, indicating her bravery and the magnitude of her love.

Yet, while the song seems to reflect a relentless quest, it is also tinged with vulnerability. The lyrics reveal Gomez’s exposure to places she’s never been before, and the desperation to fill a void. Such dichotomy between strength and vulnerability makes “Wolves” a compelling example of Gomez’s ability to voice complex human emotions. In the end, “Wolves” is a testament to the transformative power of love, and the lengths one would go to attain it.

4. People You Know

The song takes a deep dive into the emotional dynamics of how we sometimes grow apart from those we once held close in our lives. With a poignant sensibility, Gomez alleviates the ‘differences’ aspect and instead focuses on the shared pain and sense of loss when we become strangers to those we once knew intimately. It’s a narrative about evolving relationships, with the undertone of melancholia accompanying the acceptances of change. The repeated refrain “people can go from people you know to people you don’t” serves as a lamentation for lost connections but also as a nudge towards acceptance of change, a reality in the constantly shifting landscape of relationships. In a nutshell, “People You Know” is a potent exploration of the complexities of relationships and the hardship of letting go.

3. Lose You To Love Me

This introspective track underscores the transformative journey Gomez underwent, wherein losing a significant other led to a profound self-love revelation. With raw emotionality drawn from personal heartbreak, Selena chronicles how she navigated past a toxic relationship—a catharsis coupled with self-empowerment.

The lyrics build a poignant narrative, alluding to the desolation felt when promises of love and companionship shatter. The protagonist is seen putting someone else’s needs before her own, only to be met with deception and hurt. The silver lining? In the wake of the emotional ruins left behind, she found solace and strength within herself. It’s a testament to the healing power of love, not from another, but from oneself. The track resonates with anyone wrestling with self-worth and identity in the aftermath of lost love, affirming that sometimes, you need to lose in order to truly find yourself.

2. Love You Like A Love Song

Still an earworm a decade later, this track is a gem of synth-pop bliss and perfect bubblegum innocence. It’s like a song that you hear once and can’t get out of your head – which makes its lyrics absolutely genius. The lyrics speak to the dizzying, intoxicating pinnacle of romantic obsession where our lives spin around the rhythm of another’s existence. It’s a hymn to the rapture we experience when we find ourselves under love’s sweet spell, painting a vivid picture of a love so deep and all-consuming that it resonates like a timeless song on infinite repeat. It’s a testament to young love painted with lyrics that show just how deeply immersed Selena is in these feelings. With its pulsing beat and catchy chorus, this track encapsulates the allure of pop music and the intoxicating roller coaster of youth.

1. Single Soon

The song encapsulates the narrative of a woman ready for a fresh chapter, escalating the end of a relationship as an empowering turning point rather than a tragic downfall. Gomez, through this track, taps into the power of self-assertion, highlighting the thrill of imminent freedom – the joy of being able to do what she wants, when she wants, and with whom she wants. The lyrics are a full-frontal testimony to her unbridled audacity, signaling a new era of assertive autonomy in her songwriting journey. It’s this breezy defiance and nonchalant bravado that solidifies “Single Soon” as Selena Gomez’s magnum opus, marking a new peak in her pop empowerment chronicles.