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Meaning of the song ‘Single Soon’ by ‘Selena Gomez’

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Released: 2023

“Single Soon” by Selena Gomez is a cheeky pop anthem that encapsulates the energy of slipping out of an impending breakup, while eagerly anticipating singlehood. It’s about taking control, carving out your own path, and not being afraid to hurt a few feelings on that journey. Let’s break this down.

From the first lines, the intention is clear – the relationship is ending. “Should I do it on the phone? / Should I leave a little note / In the meantime, he’ll figure it out.” Here, Gomez toys with different ways of expressing the news of the breakup, foreshadowing her exit. The casual nature transmits a vibe of nonchalance, boldly tackling the uncertainty that often characterizes a breakup.

The chorus is the declaration of a woman ready to embrace single life: “I’m pickin’ out this dress, tryin’ on these shoes / ‘Cause I’ll be single soon, I’ll be single soon.” Coupled with the daunting revelation that her significant other might be a mess when she “breaks the news”, the lyrics illustrate a woman who values her personal happiness over any relationship. It’s a power move – she’s planning her post-breakup looks and nights out before she has even revealed the end of their relationship.

“I’ma date who I wanna, stay out late if I wanna / I’ma do what I wanna do” emphasizes her newfound liberty, unchained to meet, mingle, and maneuver through life according to her whims. The repetition of the word “wanna” speaks to her reclaimed freedom to make her choices, aligned with what she wants, not what others might expect of her.

“I know I’m a little high maintenance / But I’m worth a try” Gomez knows her worth, and she’s not afraid to acknowledge it. This showcases self-love, self-assertion and sets the tone for the future engagements she’s looking forward to experiencing.

As we approach the end, the refrain “Yeah, I’ll be single soon” is less an expression of melancholy than a celebration of a forthcoming life phase. The song concludes dramatically with “Well, who’s next?” suggesting that she’s ready for the next chapter, the next romance, the next adventure.

Through the savvy pop lyricism of “Single Soon,” Selena Gomez tells a relatable story of self-love, independence, and empowerment, reminding us all that being single is not a tragedy, but often a self-chosen path to finding one’s happiness. It’s an anthem that debunks the societal notion of being single as a cause for despair, instead redefining it as a form of self-discovery and personal space.

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