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Meaning of ‘Back To You’ by ‘Selena Gomez’

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Released: 2018At its core, “Back To You” by Selena Gomez, from the soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why, wraps up the emotions of longing and unresolved feelings into a powerful pop ballad. It’s all about the push and pull of wanting someone you shouldn’t, underscored by the knowledge that, despite everything, you’d “go back to them”. Gomez navigates the complexity of human emotions with a straightforward confession that cuts deep.

The opening lines, “Took you like a shot / Thought that I could chase you with a cold evening”, introduce us to the instant connection and the subsequent chase, possibly a metaphor for trying to recapture a moment or feeling that was once hot with passion, now cooled. Gomez talks about letting “a couple years water down” her feelings, suggesting that time has passed, but the emotions haven’t fully faded. The phrase, “water down,” is a colloquial way of saying her feelings have been diluted over time, but they clearly haven’t disappeared.

As the song progresses, we dive into the chorus where Selena admits, “You could break my heart in two / But when it heals, it beats for you.” She’s acknowledging the risk of heartache but admits her heart remains loyal to this person. The line “I wanna hold you when I’m not supposed to” speaks volumes about longing for someone she possibly shouldn’t, maybe because of societal expectations or personal circumstances. It’s a moment of raw honesty about wanting what you can’t have.

When Selena reflects on “Playing and replaying old conversations”, it’s a relatable expression of rumination, something many of us do after a relationship ends. We go over what was said, what wasn’t, and what could have been, often torturing ourselves with the “unfinished business”. She introduces a sense of regret for not speaking her truth, hinting at the myriad of emotions that come with unresolved love.

The line, “If I could do it all again / I know I’d go back to you,” is a testament to the song’s title and overarching theme. Despite acknowledging the potential for pain, Selena’s character in the song can’t deny the pull towards this person, revealing a universal truth about human nature: sometimes, we’re irresistibly drawn to what might not be good for us. Yet, there’s beauty in the vulnerability and honesty of admitting it.

In conclusion, “Back To You” strips down the complexities of love and regret to their honest core. Selena Gomez, through this track, touches on the universal feeling of being stuck on someone despite knowing better. It’s a song that doesn’t just speak to those pining for lost love but to anyone who’s ever faced the difficult decision of letting go or holding on to hope. It’s bold, it’s brave, and unapologetically human.

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