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Brace yourselves, pop aficionados, as we embark on a journey into the vivacious, unfiltered, and unstoppable powerhouse that is Lizzo. Born Melissa Jefferson, Lizzo crashed onto the pop music scene with a refreshing blend of musical genres that confidently blur the lines between hip hop, R&B, and good ol’ powerhouse pop. Each album she has dropped serves as a testament to her prowess in not only creating infectious beats, but also in crafting lyrics that inspire, provoke, and resonate deep within.

From her debut “Lizzobangers” that packed a punch to the audacious “Cuz I Love You” and its Super Deluxe counterpart that took the music world by storm, to the unique “Big GRRRL Small World” that showcased her artistic evolution, we’ve been served platefuls of quintessential Lizzo.

Taking her vibrant charisma and her exemplary ability to turn personal experience into universal anthems into account, we’re ready to deep-dive into her discography.

So let’s get into it, here are Lizzo’s albums ranked.

3. Lizzobangers


Released: 2014

Label: Totally Gross National Product

Features: Sophia Eris

This bangers-packed record is pure Lizzo—an uproarious mix of rap, R&B, and indie pop underpinned by her sassy, bold-as-brass attitude. Brimming with raw energy and infectious hooks, tracks like “Batches & Cookies” and “Paris” reflect the audacious spirit that we’ve come to associate with Lizzo. The album didn’t shy away from social commentary either, with Lizzo laying down her thoughts on consumerism, sexism, and more. However, Lizzobangers’ commercial impact was modest, with it failing to hit the Billboard charts. Nonetheless, it set the stage for Lizzo’s subsequent rise to Pop stardom—it hinted at a vital, boundary-pushing talent waiting to explode.

2. Cuz I Love You

Cuz I Love You

Released: 2019

Label: Nice Life/Atlantic

Features: Missy Elliott, Gucci Mane

The titular track sets the tone with rousing horns and passionate vocals, a combination that’s become Lizzo’s signature. “Juice,” a funktastic celebration of self-love, and “Jerome,” an aching slow burner, showcase her impressive versatility. The album, defying conventional genre boundaries with its soulful pop vibe, peaked at #4 on the US Billboard 200 and brought Lizzo her breakthrough moment. Bolstered by critical acclaim and commercial success, “Cuz I Love You” solidified Lizzo’s place in the pop music pantheon.

1. Special


Released: 2022

Label: Nice Life/Atlantic

Lizzo’s latest album “Special” marks another triumphant chapter in her ever-evolving musical journey, solidifying her status as a powerhouse in the industry. Released to widespread acclaim, “Special” encapsulates Lizzo’s signature blend of soulful melodies, empowering lyrics, and infectious energy. This album stands as a celebration of self-love, body positivity, and unabashed confidence, themes that Lizzo has championed throughout her career and which resonate deeply with her audience.