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Meaning of ‘Facetime’ by ‘Chani Nattan’ feat. Inderpal Moga, Miss Pooja

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Released: 2024

Features: Inderpal Moga, Miss Pooja

Facetime by Chani Nattan featuring Inderpal Moga and Miss Pooja is a song that presents a fresh take on urban youth culture, lifestyle, and social identity. Weaving in Punjabi roots through language and references, the song lends a strong cultural voice to a universal tale of modern struggles and triumphs.

In the opening lines, the song introduces an ongoing struggle – an inner conflict juxtaposed with external pressures. The song refers to तेनु चेते करके which roughly translates to ‘remembering you’, suggesting longing or yearning for someone.

There’s a clear juxtaposition of youth culture and traditional values in lyrics such as तो उजवानी जेलानू, which appears to depict the youthful desire to break free from societal constraints. The mention of चाले शीशे काले brings in symbols of modern luxury and lifestyle, which are often used to represent ambition and striving for success.

An intriguing line in the song is हो गड़ी बैच चले, using vehicle symbolism – potentially representing personal progress or the journey of life. The bold mention of AK-47, a weapon, seems to underscore a confronting reality or an unflinching attitude towards life’s challenges.

Lines like तेरे नाल काली पगवाले and लग निकले सिरां ते खेसी pay homage to Punjabi culture, suggesting a strong cultural identity that remains deeply ingrained despite the surrounding modernity. Amidst the allure of western luxuries expressed through गड्डियां वलाइत दियां, there’s a proud assertion of their native roots, represented by मेच कोम दे मावां दे पुत देसी.

Ultimately, Facetime serves as a dynamic reflection of modern Punjabi youth, their dreams, aspirations, and cultural pride. Intensive use of Punjabi colloquial language and urban metaphors make it a vibrant hymn of today’s globalized Desi generation.

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