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Meaning of the song ‘Spite’ by ‘Omar Apollo’

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Released: 2024

In “Spite”, Omar Apollo ruminates on the intricacies and struggles of a complicated relationship, conveying his desires and conflicts through poignant lyrics. This somber but defiant track is at once an expression of hurt and an assertion of self-worth.

The first couple of lines indicate the singer doesn’t want to indulge in the pettiness of this relationship anymore. When he says, “I don’t wanna hit you back on purpose,” he’s stepping out of the cycle of hurt and spite. As he lays bare in the poignant line, “Never said that I acted perfect,” there’s an admission of his own mistakes and shortcomings.

Apollo gives us a deeper perspective in the line, “Ain’t been the same since I left my hometown,” suggesting a sense of nostalgia and longing for simpler times. But then, he contrasts it with a sense of hope and possibility: “I’ve been thinking ’bout moving by you / It’s been nice having somewhere to fly to”.

The chorus, “You like it / You like it / Like I do, like I do, like me” shows a shared connection and mutual validation despite their difficulties. The repetition of “You like it, like I do, like me” underscores their intertwined lives and the intimate bond they share.

However, the tone shifts in the subsequent lines: “Why you gotta ruin every night? / 50k I spend it out of spite.” We see a darker side of their relationship unfolding, where he expresses exasperation over his partner’s actions that sour their time together. The extravagant “50k” spent out of spite seems to highlight the emotional turmoil he’s going through, using money to cope with his hurt feelings. But even then, he can’t help but admit, “Hate that I still need you in my life”.

The vivid line, “Tulips dying slowly in the vase” serves as a powerful metaphor for their wilting relationship. Despite the strife, he still yearns for her, saying that her presence is the only place he wants to be, further demonstrating the complexities of their relationship.

The second verse echoes sentiments from the first, with an added layer of insecurity and feeling hidden in the lines, “Why you going out your way to hide me? / Every night that you spent beside me”. The song culminates in the chorus, underlining a bitter-sweet love story that, despite its struggles, still holds a sense of shared emotion and attachment.

“Spite” encapsulates an emotional journey of Apollo’s navigation through heartache, longing, and imperfect love, providing a candid exploration of a relationship marked with as much affection as conflict.

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