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Meaning of the song ‘2 Be Loved’ by ‘Lizzo’

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Released: 2022″2 Be Loved” by powerhouse pop queen Lizzo is a thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of self-worth, self-acceptance and readiness for love. The song is an open diary of a woman asking herself if she’s ready to fall in love and be loved by someone, intermixed with tackling her own insecurities and self-doubt.

At the onset, we’re plunged into Lizzo’s inner turmoil. With lyrics like “I did the work, it didn’t work, ah, ah”, we get a sense of failed attempts at self-improvement or overcoming emotional struggles. And when she states, “That lovey-dovey shit, was not a fan of it”, we see her skepticism about romantic love and possibly past heartbreaks.

Standout lyrics “I’m in my bed, I’m way too fine to be here alone” give us a glimpse of her understanding her worth, which is later solidified as she asserts “On other hand, I know my worth, ah, ah”. It brilliantly articulates the paradox many individuals face, knowing their value, yet not quite ready to be vulnerable in the face of love.

The titular line “Am I ready? (Girl, there ain’t a doubt)” showcases Lizzo’s internal dialogue, oscillating between doubt and assertion. The repetition of “Am I ready?” underscores the gravity of her contemplation about stepping into a new romantic relationship.

In the second verse, Lizzo honestly admits, “How am I supposed to love somebody else?/When I don’t like myself”, a poignant line resonating with many who struggle with self-esteem. It’s a nod to the psychological idea that you can’t truly love another until you’ve learned to love yourself, a theme prevalent in pop culture and reflective of a broader societal focus on mental health.

The lines “He call me Melly (ayy), he squeeze my belly (yeah)/I’m too embarrassed (ah) to say I like it” showcase her growing comfort with the idea of being in a relationship, and starting to enjoy aspects of it that once might have caused her embarrassment or discomfort.

The bridge “You found me, I was fed up with the fantasy” suggests she’s tired of her own fantasy life, and is ready to face the reality of a relationship, as reiterated in the final lines “Yesterday, I would have run away/And I don’t why/I don’t know why, but I’m ready”. This evolution from self-doubt to a readiness to embrace love is both empowering and profoundly relatable.

“2 Be Loved” is an anthem of self-discovery told through Lizzo’s own exploration of her readiness for love. Its honest and insightful lyrics make it a powerful addition to her repertoire and a heartening anthem for those grappling with similar questions about love and self-worth.

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