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Released: 2024

Label: Sony Music Latin

Featuring: Maria Becerra, Yotuel, Miranda Lambert, El Alfa, Belinda

In the illustrious arc of pop music, few artists command the kind of universal resonance as Enrique Iglesias. With his unique blend of smoky vocals, searing romanticism, and Latin rhythm sensibilities, Iglesias has consistently pushed the envelope, underscoring and shaping the global soundscape of pop. Nowhere is this more evident than in his album ‘FINAL (Vol.2)’, an explorative venture released in 2024.

Issued by Sony Music Latin, ‘FINAL (Vol.2)’ embodies a capstone of Iglesias’s evolution as an artist. The album brings forth a melange of emotions, punctuated by his unmistakable crooning. Featuring collaborations with Maria Becerra, Yotuel, Miranda Lambert, El Alfa, and Belinda, the record harmoniously blends their distinct sounds in a seamlessly intricate fashion.

With the album boasting tracks like ASI ES LA VIDA, Fría, Space in My Heart, La Botella, Love and Pain, Me Voy Acostumbrando, Como Yo, Llórame Un Río, Be Together, and Espacio en Tu Corazón, ‘FINAL (Vol.2)’ revisits the quintessential Iglesias zest while also charting unexplored territories. The result? A record that is as intriguing as it is evocative, a testament to Iglesias’s enduring ability to blur and redefine pop boundaries.

So let’s get into it. From ASI ES LA VIDA to Espacio en Tu Corazón, we’re breaking down the album ‘FINAL (Vol.2)’ by Enrique Iglesias.


Features: Maria Becerra

Enrique’s smooth vocals paired with Maria Becerra’s impassioned performance manifest the song’s pulsating essence, revealing the raw, unhinged side of love that’s often left unexplored. A standout verse that encapsulates this roller coaster of emotions is “Son tu boca y tus besos los que traen la fortuna / Me diste el universo, te prometí la luna”. This line, steeped in deep affection and commitment, speaks to the transformative power of love – it’s about giving everything, from the universe to the moon. The track is an emblematic representation of the inherent complexities of modern relationships, carrying a universal truth: love is a gamble, life is a game of poker, and sometimes, all we can do is bet it all.

2 Fría

Features: Yotuel

The lyrics splay out a tumult of emotions, accusations, and pleas, projecting a vivid image of a relationship strained by doubt. The standout line, “Quizás fui yo / El que se fue de fiesta tarde y no llegó / Pero no estuve con nadie, juro por Dios / Que me tentaron muchas veces, pero no,” sets ablaze the intriguing narrative, confessing a late-night adventure, tempting distractions, yet a fierce commitment despite the odds. This song, like a bare nerve, juxtaposes an intimate confession and a passionate plea, underscored by the pleading chorus “Baby, confía-fía-fía-fía / Solo salí por una fría, fría, fría, fría, fría,” showcasing Iglesias’ ability to enthrall with his lyrical narratives.

3 Space in My Heart

Features: Miranda Lambert

The powerful line, “There’s a space in my heart and it’s just your shape,” articulates a longing that’s both profound and universal. This sentiment reveals the enduring imprint of a lover, a space reserved only for them, signifying an unwavering commitment despite doubts. Shrouded in its layered-lyricism, the song uncovers a grittier side of love, expressing the anticipation and desire of potential reciprocation. Yet, there’s an underlying tone of relentless optimism, as Iglesias avidly professes, “You don’t love me yet, but I know you will.” It mirrors the eternal hope that burns in hearts teetering on the edge of unrequited love, making “Space in My Heart” an anthem for stubborn romantics waiting for their feelings to be returned.

4 La Botella

Features: El Alfa

5 Love and Pain

A standout line, “Cut me with the pieces of your broken love,” catches you off-guard, laying bare the raw vulnerability we’ve come to expect from Enrique. “I keep falling like the rain. Every time you say my name. When it’s driving us insane…Our love is deeper than the pain.” This lyrical seesaw between the comfort of love and the agony it can cause encapsulates the song’s thrilling yet torturous ride. More than just a song about love, it speaks to the resiliency of the human spirit, asserting “You think I’d give up, but I’m not that way. I’m here to stay” reaffirming that even though love comes with pain, it’s still a ride worth staying on for many.

6 Me Voy Acostumbrando

A tale of adapting to the sting of a love that’s left. The line, “Prometo no más de nueve shots de aquel mezcal/Y del uno al diez tú eras lo más, ¿Pa’ qué te cuento?” brilliantly captures the protagonist’s struggle, promising to limit his drinks—perhaps a way to dull the pain—while candidly ranking his lover a perfect ten. His pain is almost palpable through the lyrics, as if he’s searching for a sense of self amid the ruins of love. The refrain, “Mejor me voy acostumbrando,” becomes a mantra, marking his journey from heartache to acceptance. This somber chronicle perfectly encapsulates one’s negotiation with lost love, showing that even a pop heavyweight like Enrique is unafraid to delve into the messy and uncomfortable yet universally human aspects of love and loss.

7 Como Yo

8 Llórame Un Río

Features: Belinda

Grounded in the stark line, “Porque yo tengo la razón, Llórame un río (Llórame un río), Para aliviar mi corazón”, the track conveys an assertive yet sorrowful demand for emotional compensation. The imagery of crying a river underlines the depth of the heartache, while showcasing that the character is no longer willing to be passive in the face of despair. This emotional plea is sharply balanced by the recurring motif, “Y hasta cambiarme por el mar y yo me río”, reflecting not just the depths of betrayal, but also the resilience to laugh in the face of grief. The song, thus, epitomizes a fierce resolve born out of devastation, pushing boundaries of emotional expression in pop music.

9 Be Together

The rawness of “I’ve been broken, pieces lost / Cut on the sharp edges of my heart” presents a vivid sketch of heartache that’s almost palpable. Yet, amidst the hurt and uncertainty, a hopeful refrain of love and dependency emerges: “Catch me and I’ll catch you / Let me and I’ll let you / Some things are just meant to / Be together, be together.” Through this symbiotic plea, Iglesias signals the inherent power that love holds in mending hearts and defying despair. The song beautifully puts into perspective the pain that accompanies love, serving as a stark reminder that, although imperfect, love is about two people setting the world aside, choosing to “be together.”

10 Espacio en Tu Corazón

The haunting refrain, “Todavía me quieres, lo sé muy bien / Sé que nadie puede apagar tu sed / Pero si me voy, sé que perderé / Ese espacio en tu corazón que me robé” is a compelling admission of love and loss. This vulnerable confession underscores the dire consequences of unrequited love – yes, he’s loved, but if he leaves, he’ll lose the space he’s claimed in their heart. The song is an exploration of time’s unforgiving nature, painting a somber portrait of love lost in the march of minutes and seconds. Iglesias’ melodic phrasing amplifies the sense of profound longing, making it a standout track in his discography. This is modern pop balladry at its finest, demonstrating Iglesias’ ability to craft emotive masterpieces from heartbreak’s bitter raw materials.

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