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Breakdown of Coco Jones’ Album “What I Didn’t Tell You”

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When it comes to Coco Jones, the prolific songstress with a powerhouse voice, it ain’t nothing to play with. Known for her ability to switch lanes from soul-stirring ballads to hard-hitting bops, Coco’s versatile style and deeply introspective lyricism have etched an undeniable imprint on the hip-hop soundscape. Her album, ‘What I Didn’t Tell You’, sees the gifted emcee flex her lyrical prowess on tracks that sonically criss-cross from soulful riffs to trap-laden beats.

Notable cuts from the album like “Crazy For Me” and “Caliber” showcase her affinity for storytelling, while bangers like “Double Back” and “ICU” put her fiery cadence and razor-sharp rhymes on full display. Indeed, her discography, spanning the melancholy “Fallin” to the assertive “Plan B”, have made Coco Jones a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop sphere. With ‘What I Didn’t Tell You’, she has painted a portrait of herself that begs for a deeper exploration, each track whispering secrets and shouting statements about her journey, her triumphs and her tribulations.

It’s in precisely this duality where Coco truly shines, her ability to oscillate between vulnerability and vigor that truly sets her apart. So let’s get into it. From the gritty verses of “No Chaser” to the raw, unfiltered emotion in “Headline”, here are the breaking down the lyrics on ‘What I Didn’t Tell You’ by Coco Jones.

1. Crazy For Me

Jones lyrically navigates the balance of power in a relationship, artfully playing with dynamics of control and desire. The song’s protagonist is highly aware of her attractiveness and the influence she holds, using it as a tool to keep her partner invested and on edge. With vivacious eloquence, Jones characterizes herself as dangerous and different whilst using references to luxurious brands like Cartier to depict her high status. Simultaneously, the lyrics suggest the significant financial investment her partner is making in the relationship, heavy with implication about his level of commitment. She’s got him under her finger, with him going crazy for her as she keeps him wrapped around her finger. This is a powerful anthem, celebrating the thrill and complexity of a seductive relationship from a perspective often unexplored in the hip-hop landscape.

2. Caliber

No longer a kid, Coco flexes her maturity, delivering a performance of high “Caliber.” The track is an insurgent anthemic cut, where Jones asserts her worth and refuses to be diminished or overshadowed. She lyrically expresses a steadfast conviction in her own strength, asserting that she’s not just any piece in the game, but the queen, seizing control of her narrative. It’s an ode to self-empowerment and resilience, a theme prevalent in hip-hop culture, repackaged in a fresh, undeniably Coco Jones package. Jones doesn’t just tell us she’s got that high caliber, her vocal prowess, tight bars, and candid lyrics prove it. Seeped in themes of self-love, unyielding spirit, “Caliber” is a testament to Jones’s growth not only as a rapper but as a formidable woman in the fiercely competitive hip-hop landscape.

3. Double Back

This R&B-infused track explores the push and pull of romance, where Jones grapples with her feelings for an ex-flame. She melodically delves deep into the notion of returning to a former lover, asserting the impossibility of staying away, despite having walked away herself. Jones colorfully unpacks this paradoxical emotional state, deftly painting the blend of fear, hope, and longing that unavoidably accompanies returning to a past relationship. With phrases like “maybe it’s a sign” and “I can’t stay gone long,” Jones discloses her repeated attempts to move on, only to find herself being led back to the same person. She admits to succumbing to the magnetic allure of a bygone love, affirming her struggles with the potency of sentimentality and emotional resonance.

4. ICU

With “ICU,” she takes us on a journey deep into her soul, breaking down walls and letting us catch a glimpse of the real person behind the rap persona. This track ain’t about flexin’ her lyrical prowess or showing off her vocal chops (both of which are on point, by the way). Nah, this is about Coco getting real about her feelings and her struggles, letting us know that even the toughest MCs go through it just like the rest of us. Each line of “ICU” is a testament to her emotional transparency, painting a vivid picture of a woman navigating the storm of life while trying to remain true to herself. It’s an intimate, heart-wrenching narrative that hits right at the core of what hip-hop embodies – the struggle, the hustle, and, most importantly, the raw, unfiltered emotion.

5. No Chaser

The play on words here has Coco, likening herself to a top-shelf drink, as she basically tells her love interest to savor the moment without sugarcoating the need for commitment (“Taste it, no chaser”). It’s a bold statement of being content with who she is, a sentiment resonating throughout the song in lines like “I’m already sweet, you can do without it”. Echoing the assertive vibe of hip-hop culture, Coco Jones doesn’t shy away from taking control (“If you want it, prove it”). The track is laced with a lush rhythm that perfectly matches Coco’s sultry voice. Here, Coco Jones flexes her versatility, all the while maintaining a confident narrative, making “No Chaser” a compelling reflection of her artistry.

6. Headline

Jones ain’t pulling no punches, she’s in touch with her strength and ain’t afraid to put her man in his place when he steps out of line. The track is uncompromising, laced with lines that paint a picture of defiance. The title “Headline” serves as a potent metaphor, warning her unfaithful partner about the consequences of his actions, hinting at the damage she can cause. It’s also a commentary on the societal betrayal experienced by many women the world over. She expertly deconstructs the facade of her partner’s fidelity, leaving no room for denial. And yet, there’s an undertone of vulnerability and yearning for a love that reflects respect. The lyrics,bursting with power and strength, represent a woman who’s unafraid to speak her mind and face her realities with a fierce attitude. Jones, with “Headline”, exemplifies the spirit of resistance that informs her lyrical prowess. Her ability to weave a narrative filled with raw emotions and harsh reality, sets her apart in the hip-hop landscape.

7. Spend It

Each bar is filled with fierce assertions of Jones’ devotion, as she offers up her time, an element too precious to be bought, as the ultimate sacrifice to her relationship. There’s a mesmerizing dance between the material and the immaterial here, a recognition that both money and moments hold value. Jones’ clever interpretation of “spending time” underscores her lyrical prowess, painting a vivid picture of a love that’s more valuable than any physical possession. Introspective yet spirited, she subverts our usual understanding of “spending,” making you think twice about how you’re investing your own time. Overall, “Spend It” reflects Jones’ innate ability to infuse relatable themes into her lyricism, making her songs not just catchy, but also thought-provoking.

8. Fallin

“Fallin” is Jones’ confession of burgeoning yet tentative love, expressed through the heady highs and cautious retreats of a relationship under construction. Infusing her tale with references to New York City, she ties the narrative to a locale renowned for love stories, further intensifying the romantic allure. Each line pulses with her craving for connection, the promise of intimacy made all the more tantalising by the risk of heartbreak. The track is as much a testament to her strength as a manipulation of power dynamics; she’s in control, recognizing the sweetness and security in the vulnerability of surrender. With a diverse city life setting as a backdrop, the lyrics masterfully encapsulate the complexities of letting down emotional walls, underpinned by potential heartbreak and a hopeful leap into love.

9. Simple

This track is a confessional of a lover, wearied by the intricacies of love, yearning for the straightforward, uncomplicated affection of yesteryears. He’s been through the ringer, got his heart jaded, and now, his defenses are up, so is his skepticism about love. He ain’t about playing games, no more being unsure, and that’s laid bare in the song. The lyrics unravel the complexity of love, acknowledging that the simplicity he desires in love is ironically anything but simple. This joint takes you on a nostalgic trip, painting the memory of puppy love, when the biggest worry was “who gon’ hang up first”. It’s a throwback to the days of uncomplicated affection, before love started packing punches. Babyface says it as it is, love ain’t always simple, and we feel that!

10. Put You On

Coco makes it clear from the get-go that she was instrumental in elevating her man, an assertion evident in the title itself. The car reference, a ’97 Civic, encapsulates how they started humbly, but she helped him level up, even when others doubted. Coco details how she was a firm believer in his potential, investing her time and emotions into the vision he sold. However, as he gained fame, she felt sidelined, a bitter truth layered amid references to high-end brands like VVS, Cartier, and double C’s.

Moreover, Coco’s vocal inflections emphasize the deep-cutting betrayal. The ‘GPS’ metaphor drives home her role in his journey to success; she guided him, but his newfound fame seems to have rendered her obsolete. Filled with heartache and retrospection, “Put You On” underscores how Coco, despite the pain, maintains ownership over her contributions to his rise. It’s a testament to her strength, resilience, and unwillingness to be reduced to a mere side-note in his story.

11. Plan B

The track is a heartfelt repudiation of an unfulfilling relationship; Jones ain’t got time for any ‘Plan B’. Instead of succumbing to the allure of a partner who’s not fully committed, she draws a firm line, voicing her demand for unwavering loyalty and mutual respect.

The lyrical narrative is direct and raw, with Coco standing her ground, rejecting any half-hearted attempts at love. Her words powerfully echo sentiment of not settling for less than what one deserves. This sentiment is emphasized in the refrain “If I’m not the one, I don’t wanna come, no plan B” that punctuates the track, articulating Jones’ refusal to be a sideline in anyone’s story.

It’s a feminist anthem of sorts, resonating with anyone who’s ever had to second-guess a lover’s intentions. We find in “Plan B” an assertive Coco Jones, vocalizing her discontent with inconsistency, and laying down her terms – all or nothing, no ‘Plan B’.

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