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Top 9 Best ‘Avril Lavigne’ Songs of All Time

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In the early 2000s, Avril Lavigne was the undeniable pop-punk princess. But as the 2010s rolled in, many wondered: Could Avril reinvent herself for a new era? And boy, did she deliver.

Drawing parallels with icons like Cher and Madonna, who’ve similarly evolved their sound over different decades, Avril’s journey in the 2010s was about growth and transformation. While her early anthems echoed teenage angst, the 2010s saw a more introspective, mature side of Avril.

“Head Above Water” (2019) became emblematic of her new era. Diving deep into her battle with Lyme disease, the song showcased Avril’s lyrical genius. It wasn’t just about pop hooks anymore; it was raw, emotional storytelling. A pivot that many legends, like Bowie or Joni Mitchell, undertook in their careers.

And, of course, the headlines. The Avril doppelgänger conspiracy theory – a wild rollercoaster. Her split with Chad Kroeger? Tabloid fodder. But in all, these tales painted a portrait of Avril’s resilience. It wasn’t just about producing bops; it was about navigating the storms of fame.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane and countdown 9 of her unmistakable tunes that’ll keep your ears dancing for at least an hour!

9. Wish You Were Here

Avril Lavigne really hit us in the feels with “Wish You Were Here” from her 2011 album “Goodbye Lullaby”. Riding the waves of raw emotion, the track takes listeners on a journey of longing and heartbreak – a kind of melancholy anthem for anyone who’s ever missed someone a bit too much. Diving into its lyrics, Avril bared her soul, with lines like “Damn, damn, damn, what I’d do to have you here” reflecting a pure, unadulterated sense of loss. It was more than just a song; it was a mood, an emotion, a vibe. Evolving from the pop-punk teen queen to a more sophisticated sound. Stick around, fam, ’cause if this track’s any indicator, there’s so much more to unpack and jam to. On to the next banger!

8. Here’s to Never Growing Up

This one’s from Avril’s self-titled 2013 album and it’s a total jam! It’s like a toast to the evergreen spirit of youth, reminding us all that age is just a number. Every time you hear that chorus – “Singing, here’s to never growing up” – it’s an instant flashback to wild nights, unforgettable memories, and the feeling of invincibility that comes with youth. Major summer vibes with this one, right? Fun fact: Did y’all catch those nods to her “Complicated” days in the MV? Classic Avril, always keeping it real! But don’t get too lost in nostalgia; we’ve got more tracks to dive into. Stay tuned, fam!

7. When You’re Gone

This tune is filled with emotional vibes as Avril lays her heart out on a platter. Stripping away the punk-pop exterior for a moment, she dived deep into the gut-wrenching pain of losing someone. It’s more than just a song; it’s an entire mood. Who didn’t shed a tear or feel that lump in their throat with the line, “When you’re gone, the pieces of my heart are missing you”? Major heartbreak central. Avril’s raw vocals, paired with the haunting piano, made this track an unforgettable tear-jerker. But wipe those tears, squad, ’cause the rollercoaster of Avril hits doesn’t stop here. Let’s keep the energy up and ride on!

6. My Happy Ending

Now here’s a throwback! Dropping from her 2004 album “Under My Skin,” this track was all about love gone sour and the bitterness that often follows. Every line was a punch, and who can forget that iconic, “You were everything, everything that I wanted”? Major breakup anthem vibes. Can we say cathartic scream-sing material? But amidst the heartache and anger, Avril gave voice to countless teens grappling with their first big heartbreak. Real talk – it’s still a whole mood.

5. I’m with You

Straight from the 2002 album “Let Go,” Avril was showcasing raw emotion at its finest. Drifting from her skater punk vibes, she taps into a sense of loneliness and longing that’s universally felt. Every time she croons, “Isn’t anyone trying to find me?”, you can’t help but feel a pang in your chest. This song? An emotional rollercoaster. All aboard! Audiences and critics alike lauded the depth and maturity Avril brought to this ballad, especially considering her young age. The track was a testament to her versatility, seamlessly blending rock elements with poignant lyrics.

4. What the Hell

An outright rebel anthem straight from the 2011 album “Goodbye Lullaby,” this track is Avril pushing boundaries and embracing her wild side. Packed with that signature spunk, it’s all about letting go, taking risks, and just saying, well, “What the hell?”. An absolute bop that screams, “I do what I want and no one’s gonna stop me!” Let’s not forget the sizzling MV – Avril ditching her date, wild chase scenes, and of course, that iconic guitar moment in the laundromat. Pure, unadulterated Avril vibes.

3. Girlfriend

Man, this track is nothing short of iconic. A major hit from her 2007 “The Best Damn Thing” album, Avril shifted gears, serving us bubblegum pop-punk realness. The track’s playful arrogance with that unforgettable chorus, “Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your girlfriend,” had everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, singing along. It’s like, move over – Avril’s got something to say, and she’s not holding back! Beyond the catchy hooks, “Girlfriend” marked a more vibrant, in-your-face era for Avril. Unapologetic and brazen, she championed the spirit of carefree youth and fun, leaving no room for the haters. So, if you thought this was peak Avril, hold onto your skater shoes – there’s more where that came from! Dive in and let’s keep the pop-punk party rolling!

2. Sk8er Boi

The track thats pure early 2000s nostalgia! From the 2002 “Let Go” album, Avril served us a storyline of teen angst and the classic tale of a ballerina’s missed chance with the skater boy. And who can forget the infectious chorus, “He was a skater boy, she said see you later boy”? Instantly catchy, this was Avril bringing storytelling back to pop-punk, and we were here for it! What made “Sk8er Boi” more than just a hit was its essence. It wasn’t just a song; it was a mood, a statement. Avril rocked the narrative of “don’t judge a book by its cover” and embraced the punk ethos of challenging norms. Alright, sk8er bois and gals, you think we’re done? Nope! Let’s ollie into more Avril classics, ’cause this trip down memory lane is far from over. Jump in, and let’s keep the punk vibes alive!

1. Complicated

“Complicated” – now there’s a name that resonates across generations! Bursting onto the scene with this track from her 2002 debut album “Let Go,” Avril was like a breath of fresh air. With lyrics highlighting the pressures of fitting in and being something you’re not, it was relatable on every level. “Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?” isn’t just a line; it’s a whole feeling. Real talk – who hasn’t belted out this track during a late-night drive? Out of Avril’s entire discography, many fans and critics argue that “Complicated” stands out as her magnum opus. A timeless banger, it encapsulates the pressures of youth, societal expectations, and the pursuit of authenticity. If we’re talking peaks, “Complicated” isn’t just A single; it’s THE single, arguably defining Avril’s era. With its raw lyrics and genuine vibe, it serves as a potent reminder to stay true to oneself. Now, as we ride this Avril wave, there’s a whole ocean of hits to explore. Dive deep, and let’s keep the nostalgia alive!

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Wrap it up, and Avril’s 2010s chapter was about battling personal demons, staying relevant in an ever-changing industry, and growing artistically. Through Lyme disease struggles, media scrutiny, and personal upheavals, Avril emerged not just as the skater girl we knew, but as a seasoned artist owning her narrative. Here’s to the evolution of an icon.

As always, we put this together into a playlist on Spotify and Youtube.

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