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Released: 2024

Features: Tinashe

“ZOOM” by Machinedrum, featuring the enrapturing vocals of Tinashe, dives into a whirlpool of sensations, flirting between the realms of raw physical attraction and the labyrinth of deeper emotional connections. This track is a masterclass in blending the intoxicating rhythms of electronic music with the poignant clarity of pop vocals, creating a song that’s both a club anthem and an intimate confession.

The song kicks off with an admission of how feelings and attraction can feel almost chemical in nature, overwhelming the senses to a point where one feels entirely consumed. Tinashe equates this sensation to being like an animal, driven by instinct, with every sensory receptor on high alert. The lyrics “Feel it in my veins, made my blood boil” and “every single hair, it be standin’ up” encapsulate this raw, almost primal reaction to desire and attraction.

In the assertive lines “If you want a G, better let me know / And I can turn a rock to a pedestal”, Tinashe exudes confidence and self-worth, suggesting that recognition and appreciation are key. The seductive imagery of someone “lickin’ on my body like a jelly roll” is unapologetically sensuous, juxtaposed with “Lookin’ at my glass, it’s already full” to convey a sense of self-sufficiency and completeness, even amidst this whirlwind of desire.

The hook “I just got a vision / Candy girl, not talking New Edition” cleverly references the iconic R&B group New Edition’s hit “Candy Girl”, while painting herself as a tantalizing, yet not easy, catch. The scene transitions to a bar setting where Tinashe’s presence commands attention, yet she remains elusive, playfully engaging but quickly exiting, leaving a trail of allure in her wake.

Perhaps the most reflective part of the song comes with the repeated mantra “Every time I can’t see the bigger picture / I zoom out, zoom out, zoom out, zoom out.” Here, Tinashe touches on resilience and perspective. When challenges or confusion cloud her path, stepping back to view the broader picture helps to navigate through. It speaks to an internal strength and adaptability, suggesting a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The verse “Day one, he sits right next to me / I’m so beyond what he wants to be” adds layers to this narrative, hinting at a dynamic where Tinashe recognizes a mismatch in ambitions or desires from the very beginning. This line is a testament to self-awareness and the pursuit of growth beyond mere romantic entanglements.

“ZOOM” then, at its heart, is a complex tapestry of desire, autonomy, and introspection. Machinedrum’s production, combined with Tinashe’s evocative lyrics and delivery, crafts a sonic experience that’s both immersive and thought-provoking, inviting listeners to dance and reflect in equal measure. It’s a bold statement on maintaining one’s essence and vision amid the dizzying highs of connection and attraction.

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