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Meaning of the song ‘Be Your Love’ by ‘Bishop Briggs’

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Released: 2016

“Be Your Love” by Bishop Briggs is a powerful pop anthem that essentially explores the themes of unconditional love and dedication during trying times. The song uses vivid imagery and expressive language to convey a sense of unwavering loyalty and commitment, even when the world seems to be spiralling into chaos.

The song opens with the repetition of “I’mma be your love,” an informal, colloquial way of saying “I am going to be your love.” This statement sets the tone for Briggs’ resolute commitment to the person she’s singing about. When she says “Stone cold, out of sight/Too dark to trace the light,” she’s referring to a situation that seems difficult or hopeless, yet she affirms, “Don’t leave me when I’m alone/Oh, and I’ll be here when daylight’s gone.” This could mean that Briggs is promising to stick around even when things get tough, a promise she repeats throughout the song.

When she sings “When the fire burns, when the blessed turn” Briggs could be talking about catastrophic events or moments when those who are usually fortunate or ‘blessed’ turn their backs or change their ways – essentially when the going gets tough. The line “When the crazy world turns to hell on earth” solidifies this theme of chaos and hardship. Yet through it all, her refrain is “I’mma be your love,” demonstrating her unyielding commitment despite the circumstances.

Briggs further underscores her steadfastness with the lines “Bad blood come and go/But you’re still coming home” and “Ain’t no mountain tall, tall enough, baby/We rise, we fall,” borrowing from the well-known adage and popular song lyric that no obstacle is too great when it comes to love. Even through the peaks and valleys of life, bad times and disputes (“bad blood”), she still intends to be a constant and supportive presence in their life.

The song also interestingly oscillates between darker, metaphorical lyrics about the world falling apart and more tangible, everyday metaphors, such as “Ain’t no mountain tall enough.” By doing so, Briggs is showing that her commitment applies in both large-scale problems and in the smaller, everyday challenges they might face.

In its repetition and raw emotion, “Be Your Love” is a powerful portrayal of resilient and enduring love, with Bishop Briggs promising to remain constant in the face of adversity, be it personal or universal. It’s a message of assurance, a beacon in the dark, a love so solid it’s almost a love song for the end of the world.

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