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Meaning of ‘What Ifs’ by ‘Kane Brown’ feat. Lauren Alaina

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Released: 2016

Features: Lauren Alaina

“What Ifs” by Kane Brown, and featuring Lauren Alaina, is a love duet that deals with the uncertainties in life, love, and relationships. The song, racey and full of wonder, asks questions that harbor fears and hopes, but ultimately frames love as a series of brave “what if” scenarios making it worthwhile.

In the opening verse, there’s a volleying of insecurity: the fear of hurting or leaving your partner. But, then there’s a swift transition from ‘what if I mess up’ to ‘what if we’re meant to be’. It’s a captivating shift—from fear to bold speculation about destiny. The phrase “What if I was made for you and you were made for me” is a beautiful illustration of potential soul mates finding each other.

The chorus is packed with an assertion of intentions and actions—pulling her close, leaning in for a kiss—that immediately reveals the sincerity of his feelings. The line ‘What if one of these days baby I’d go and change your name’ suggests a willingness to commit, to possibly marrying her, facing the ‘what if’ scenarios head-on.

The second verse introduces the idea that worries about ‘what ifs’ could persist forever, but instead, why not take a chance? When he sings ‘Well we ain’t never gonna know unless we try it’, it’s an endorsement for stepping into the unknown, embracing uncertainty for the potential of something amazing.

As the song winds up, we see a return to the initial concerns but with a fresh perspective. He admits the possibility of pain and loss, but it’s now in the context of daring to love, ironically stripping ‘what ifs’ of their fear factor. By the song’s end, ‘what if’ is no longer a contemplation of negative possibilities, but a celebration of love’s possibilities.

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