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Meaning of ‘Be Like That’ by ‘Kane Brown’ feat. Swae Lee, Khalid

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Released: 2020

Features: Swae Lee, Khalid

“Be Like That – feat. Swae Lee & Khalid” by Kane Brown, a popping fusion of country and R&B vibes, is a buzz about the rough edges of love. It drops truth bombs on how sometimes love can be a double-edged sword that brings joy and pain.

In the opening chorus, the protagonist speaks on the push and pull aspects of his relationship: “I might be better on my own / I hate you blowin’ up my phone / I wish I never met your ass”. These lines display a harsh reality when love turns sour. Yet, he also candidly admits that “I’m not myself the nights you’re gone / There ain’t no way I’m movin’ on / I’m not afraid to need you bad”. This reflects the struggle and conflict of loving someone even when the relationship gets rocky.

Swae Lee, known as one half of Rae Sremmurd, comes next. He dives into how wild love can get: “it gets crazy in the night”. With lines like “I cross the seas wit’ you / Wasn’t even supposed to be wit’ you”, he highlights the irrational decisions we sometimes make in love. He describes offering the world to his lover, yet admits, “I swear, I’d rather be your friend.” It’s a classic tale of love versus logic.

Khalid, the as-heard-on-the-radio guy who’s seen much love recently, joins the tune. He speaks on mistaken affections and miscommunications leading to the lovers’ fallout: “You put me down, I pick you up / Can’t tell you why but tell you what”. These lines bag the complexity and confusion that often bogs relationships.

At the close, they belt, “Sometimes when you’re falling off track / Baby, don’t you leave me like that / Don’t cry / ‘Cause we’re both just out of our mind, yeah”. It sums up the precarious emotional balance love sits on – a rollercoaster ride that can be scary good and devastatingly bad.

So there you have it. This song isn’t sugar-coating love; it’s an open journal entry about its real, raw nature. Bottom line? Love can sometimes be a bumpy ride, but it’s a ride worth taking.

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