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Meaning of the song ‘Waiting Game’ by ‘BANKS’

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Released: 2014

“Waiting Game” by BANKS is a cutting commentary on the emotional turmoil and confusion that often accompanies a complex romantic relationship. The song delves into the nature of doubt, self-questioning, and the struggles that come with an intense relationship, particularly when it feels like there’s a disconnection or emotional mismatch.

The opening lines, “I’m thinking it over…The way you make me feel all sexy but it’s causing me shame,” introduces us to BANKS’ internal conflict. She’s torn between her desire, the intoxicating allure of her partner that makes her feel attractive, and the shame it brings because the relationship doesn’t seem to be rooted in emotional stability. Her desire to “lean on your shoulder” signifies her need for emotional support, but she’s reluctant out of fear hurts.

When she says, “And if I’m feeling like I’m evil, we’ve got nothing to gain,” it revolves around the guilt she feels for initiating or being part of the relationship. The narrative then transitions to a hypothetical situation – them both being on a stage. This implies the public scrutiny they’re under, perhaps due to their status or the nature of their relationship which is under constant observation. The stage could also figuratively represent the distance and disconnect between them.

Toward the middle of the song, BANKS questions the very inception of their relationship – “What if the way we started made it something cursed from the start?”. This introduces the idea that their relationship might have been doomed from the get-go due to the circumstances of their initiation. In the following lines, she voices her fear of being left alone in the cold emotionally if their love continues to deteriorate, highlighting her vulnerability.

“Don’t tell me listen to your song because it isn’t the same” is a clear-cut line where she brushes off her lover’s attempts at pacification. The “song” could be a metaphor for empty promises or superficial gestures that lack emotional depth. The constant refrain, “I don’t wanna say your love is a waiting game,” underscores her reluctance to admit that their relationship has turned into a waiting game, where she is left wanting, waiting, and yearning for a love that meets her emotional needs.

Overall, “Waiting Game” by BANKS is a raw and compelling exploration of the turbulent emotions that one experiences in the face of an unstable, potentially one-sided love. It’s a potent reminder that in the realm of love and relationships, emotional clarity and mutual understanding are paramount, and without them, love can seem like a dreaded waiting game.

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