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Meaning of the song ‘Slow It Down’ by ‘Benson Boone’

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Released: 2024

“Slow It Down” by Benson Boone is an emotionally charged pop ballad that explores the complexities of a rapid-paced romance and the mental challenges it can impose. In essence, it’s a plea to his lover to navigate the torturous terrains of love more slowly, enabling them to fully grasp the depth of their feelings and understand each other better.

The first couple of lines introduce us to the intoxicating allure of the girl with her green eyes and dreams of achieving on the big screens. Boone uses the phrase ‘green eyes, never stolen by nobody’ – an insider’s way of saying she’s maintained her individuality, untainted by the sways of the world. The snapshot of their conversations on the staircase and mention of her being lonely in the city, reflect the intimacies and shared vulnerabilities that have fast-tracked their bond.

As we move into the chorus, Boone reveals the impact of this fast-paced romance on his lover, triggering self-doubts and causing her to question her faith. The line ’cause the only love You’ve ever known is Jesus,’ suggests a possible religious background, making her unprepared for the whirlwind of emotions that love can bring. Boone hates being the reason for her turmoil and proposes they ‘slow it down’. The symbolism of ‘dirty waters’ here is a metaphor for the tumultuous sea of emotions and the ‘hopeless doubt’ they’re both experiencing.

Boone gets candid about his own insecurities in the second verse, hinting at his past relationships with the line ‘I could lose you like the others’. The reference to his mother as the only woman who’s never left him exposes his fear of abandonment. Again, the chorus brings back the plea to slow down the pace of their relationship.

In the bridge, we see Boone empathetically trying to provide solace to his lover when she’s distressed and lost in her thoughts. The phrase ‘slow it down’ takes on another layer of meaning – not only slowing the pace of their relationship but also calming her spiraling thoughts and emotional turmoil. This shows Boone’s willingness to be a pillar of support, helping her navigate through love’s labyrinth.

“Slow It Down” is a heartfelt exploration of the vulnerability, doubts, and fears that come with a quickly moving relationship. Its cleverly constructed lyrics provide an honest depiction of the weight of love, full of raw emotion that resonates with many.

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