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Meaning of ‘Cry’ by ‘Benson Boone’

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Released: 2024

Now let’s talk about “Cry” by Benson Boone. This song is a raw expression of frustration and a call to self-accountability. It’s about the end of a relationship and the singer’s realisation that their partner is more interested in playing the victim and causing drama than addressing their issues. The lyrics indicate a deep sense of disappointment, but also a desire to move on and let go of the toxicity.

Benson opens with “I tried to hide it through the silence while I played along”, showing that he was trying to maintain peace in the relationship, almost pretending that everything’s okay when it really wasn’t. He talks about the inner turmoil he is going through with “I’m welling up behind my eyelids when I’m holding on.” It showcases the toll the relationship’s taking on him emotionally.

As the song progresses, Benson lays into his partner’s tactics. “I really hate the way you think that you can get away By blaming all your stupid problems on your mental state” indicates that he believes his partner tends to use their mental health issues as a shield to avoid dealing with their problematic behaviour. He’s fed up with it, and it’s clear in his declaration of “I’m tired of burnt out lies.”

The chorus, “Cry, cry. Go ahead and ruin someone else’s life. Cry, cry. Go bug somebody else, so I can sleep at night” is a strong, uncompromising dismissal. He’s saying ‘Go ahead, keep playing the victim, but do it somewhere else. I’m done.’

But, in “And maybe you’re the honest type And it’s been me the whole damn time” he shows a moment of self-doubt and humility. This reflects his willingness to consider his own faults and misgivings in the failed relationship.

The song is an emotional roller coaster, reflective of the ups and downs of a difficult relationship, but ultimately, it’s a song about self-preservation and cutting ties with toxicity. It might be heavy, but it’s real in the best way pop music can be.

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