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Released: 2018

“Santa’s Coming for Us” by Sia masterfully embodies the essence of holiday cheer, evoking an atmosphere of joyful anticipation and pure joy through the lens of pop music. Sia, with her distinct lyrical genius, captures the warmth and enthusiasm associated with Christmas, integrating both traditional and contemporary elements of the holiday season into the narrative of the song.

Let’s break it down, shall we? Sia’s opening lines ‘Nights are getting shorter now, hot chocolate fills the air and Christmas cheer does too’, here she uses imagery to ignite feelings of Christmas nostalgia in the listener. We’re talking trimmed trees, hot chocolate – it’s about the comforts that make the holiday season so enchanting.

When Sia belts out ‘Santa’s coming to town’, the phrase is a well-worn chestnut in Christmas music, of course, but Sia’s delivery serves as a euphoric validation of the collective childhood belief in Santa Claus and the excitement revolving around his arrival. The repeated ‘Oh, do do do, oh, do do do’ and ‘Oh, da da da, oh, da da da’ reflect the unabashed joy and anticipation that’s inherent in Christmas celebrations.

The verse ‘Sing it to the deer in the sky, Sing it as they jingle, jingle, jingle tonight’ and ‘Sing it to the spirit above, Sing your heart out with all of your love’, are strong prompts encouraging listeners to not just sing, but to engage heart and soul in the celebration. It’s not just about the physical act of singing, it’s about fully embracing the spirit of Christmas, letting the joy lift your spirit to the heavens.

‘Send your letters off to Santa, baby, Tell him all your secret wishes too…’ in these lines, Sia returns us to the simplicity of our childhood. Remember when we penned down our most ambitious dreams and requested Santa to fulfill them? Sia kindles that same childlike hope and belief in magic. The use of ‘baby’ adds a layer of intimacy, making it feel like a shared experience rather than just a song.

So, there you have it, my pop enthusiasts. ‘Santa’s Coming for Us’ by Sia is not just a song, it’s a merry ride down memory lane. It’s a celebration of the good ol’ Christmas spirit and an exhortation to let loose and be joyous. It’s pure Sia, turning the familiar unfamiliar using her unique pop style and her knack for lyrical storytelling.

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