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Meaning of ‘Incredible’ by ‘Sia’ feat. Labrinth

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Released: 2024Features: Labrinth”Incredible” by Sia, featuring Labrinth, is an emphatic and unapologetic power-banger that speaks to the resilience and self-assuredness of oneself amidst adversity and negativity. Sia, in her trademark anthemic style, asserts her invulnerability to external negative forces, and offers a message of support and encouragement to her listeners.

Looking closely at the lyrics, the repeated phrase “Hey, you know the world gets tough / Say the word and I’ll lift you up” sets the tone for the song. These lyrics suggest an understanding of life’s trials while projecting a supportive and empowering attitude. In the world of pop, it’s quite akin to being a confidante or a safe harbor – knowing that there is someone who’s got your back in times of struggle.

Moving on to the more assertive lines – “Give me all your venom / Yeah, I love that shit / Give it to me good” – Sia doesn’t shy away from diving into edgy territory here. In pop music lexicon, the term ‘venom’ often represents negative energy, hatred, or criticism. Sia, however, flips the script by stating she’s immune to the ‘venom’, ultimately showing her resilience and strength. An interesting play on words, showing that not only is she unfazed by the ‘venom,’ but she openly invites it.

Perhaps the most definitive lines of the entire piece are the repeated affirmations of “I am incredible, incredible, incredible”. This self-affirmation and assertion is a common thread in many of Sia’s songs. It serves as a reinforcement against external negativity and an affirmation of her self-worth and strength.

Sia, in her true pop genius fashion, uses her lyrical prowess to send a powerful message of resilience, self-love, and support. The musicality and her vocal prowess give a hopeful tone to the charged lyrics. So, strap in, let your hair down, and feel your own incredible nature with this bop – all the venom of the world be damned!

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