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Released: 2019

“Remember When” by Wallows takes us on a nostalgic trip, drawing from past experiences and emotions, with the evident undertone of longing and reflection. The song blurs the lines between reality and recollection, presenting powerful imagery of youth, love, and passing time.

The opening verse, “Thought I saw your shadow under the door / Just a trick of the light I’ve seen before / I can never tell what’s real anymore / Anymore, anymore,” paints a picture of confusion and uncertainty, a common feeling when diving back into memories. This can be interpreted as the protagonist grappling with faded memories, trying to distinguish between the genuine past and an embellished memory.

With “I remember when we ran from the pool / All the decorations up in your room / And I couldn’t find the right words to use / But I knew that you knew,” we’re thrown into a tender flashback, filled with youthful innocence. Lyrics like “I couldn’t find the right words to use, But I knew that you knew” depict youthful love’s awkwardness and unspoken understandings. It also underscores a void—the words that were left unspoken, hence contributing to the wistful tone of the song.

The bridge, “All the places that return to / All the faces that remind you / I can still see you at the place out there when I close my eyes / Do you remember when we felt like the only two alive?” presents an earnest plea. He’s longing to revisit those moments—to feel that intensity of love, the sensation of being the only two people alive. These lyrics also construct a common pop song trope: seeking solace in nostalgia during times of emotional distress.

Finally, the lines, “Don’t let me be one of the people that seek a lost romance / Would you go and do it all over again, given a chance?” signifies not just a craving for the past but a desire to live it differently. It suggests regret—maybe things ended poorly, or maybe things never really started. Either way, the singer wants another shot, another chance to relive and maybe rewrite those memories.

In conclusion, “Remember When” is a poignant reflection on past connections, filled with longing, regret, and an intense yearning to turn back time. The song brings out the inherent bittersweetness of nostalgia, with its potent mix of joy and sorrow—a feeling that resonates with anyone who’s ever looked back on a past relationship with both fondness and regret.

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