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Released: 2019

Features: Clairo

“Are You Bored Yet?” by Wallows, featuring Clairo, is a profound exploration of young love, painted with strokes of uncertainty and the fear of unexpressed feelings. The lyrics weave a narrative about the complexities of modern relationships, underscored by an urgency to know if the other party is as invested, or if they are, as the song suggests, ‘bored’.

Opening with lyrics like “What’s wrong, you’ve been askin’ / But I don’t have any answer,” sets the uncertainty that pervades the song. The protagonists are caught in a cycle of doubt, unable to articulate their feelings. The line “Too young to think about all that shit” alludes to their youth – they’re grappling with emotions that are perhaps too heavy for their age.

The chorus, “Cause we could stay at home and watch the sunset / But I can’t help from asking, ‘Are you bored yet?'” introduces the song’s title question. This illustrates the protagonist’s paranoia and fear that the mundane, the everyday, might be too boring for their partner. It’s a fear of the relationship’s potential stagnation and the desire for reassurance.

“Feels like I’ve known you my whole life / I can see right through your lies,” shows the deep connection between the two. The closeness goes beyond the superficial, but doesn’t necessarily signal clear communication. It appears that one person might be hiding their feelings, giving rise to the repeated plea— “Will you tell the truth so I don’t have to lie” — signifying their unwillingness to face a presumable painful truth.

The song climaxes on lines “Maybe we could get through this undefeated / Holding on for so long, oh”. It’s a desperate clinging onto hope, a desire to overcome these doubts and fears, stay undefeated in their youthful love saga. The ‘oh’ at the end of the line serves to reinforce the lament and longing packed into this lyric.

In summary, “Are You Bored Yet?” is a pop-anthem expressing the angst and uncertainty of modern young relationships. Its lyrics appeal to the familiar feelings and questions that come from navigating love and connection in a complex world.

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