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Meaning of the song ‘oh my love’ by ‘FKA twigs’

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Released: 2022

“Oh My Love” by FKA twigs is a raw, unfiltered narrative of the trials and tribulations faced in a modern relationship where the lines between love and friendship are blurry. The song dives headfirst into the tumultuous depths of a woman yearning for commitment in a relationship that is eerily devoid of it.

The song begins with a dialogue recounted from a past incident, introducing the listeners to an unrequited love interest. The lines: “I went out with this boy once, yeah…And in the end: “Oh no, you’re not my girl. You know, we’re just, we’re just like hangin’ out, aren’t we?”. These lines serve as a harsh reality check, with the protagonist being relegated to ‘just hanging out’ status from a valued relationship.

The repeated line, “Oh, my love, It’s been a long, long road to get here” and “But you never, never said if you’re letting me go for sure,” reflects the artist’s struggle to identify where she stands in this relationship. The phrase “long, long road” illustrates the longevity, the frustration, and the indeterminate nature of their relationship.

With the line “I could be with anyone. I’m fussy like a pussy cat. You’re the only one I want,” FKA Twigs establishes her potential and choice in her love life. She’s not clingy or desperate; instead, she has options and yet chooses this unresponsive lover. The phrase ‘Fussy like a pussycat’ is a quirky comparison asserting her selective nature in choosing her partner.

By saying, “All the kisses, all the fun. I hate it when you give me half. Never give me half,” FKA Twigs conveys her yearning for a wholehearted, committed relationship. She vehemently rejects the half-hearted love she receives from her lover.

The repeated phrases “Everybody knows that I want your love. Why you playin’, baby boy, what’s up?” accentuates her open desire for him and her frustration towards his elusive behavior. The colloquial phrase “Why you playin’?” is a jab at his non-committal and inconsistent behavior.

When she says: “When the sun sets, Are you in with no doubt?”, she’s metaphorically asking whether he’s ready to commit to their relationship without any second thoughts, once the day (or their current situation) ‘sets’ or concludes.

The rap-like portion towards the end of the song serves as the climax and a reality check. The words “Love yourself, know your worth and. Fuck crying over these stupid boys That don’t even recognize the worth in themselves,” elevate the song from a simple love ballad to a feminist anthem. Here, FKA Twigs advocates for self-love and self-worth over tradition and societal expectations.

“Oh My Love” is a brilliant amalgamation of raw emotions, fierce independence, feminist ideals, and a driving need for commitment and validation in love. It paints a realistic picture of modern-day relationships, where people grapple with undefined relationships, leaving FKA twigs to beautifully voice the unvoiced.

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