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Meaning of ‘honda’ by ‘FKA twigs’ feat. Pa Salieu

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Released: 2022

Features: Pa Salieu

At its core, “Honda” by FKA twigs featuring Pa Salieu is a discourse on individuality and resilience, swathed in a melodic tapestry of street slang and pop culture references. The song touches on themes of authenticity, the hustle, and loyalty, using a vivid backdrop of a road trip serving as a metaphor for life’s journey, with its highs, lows and in-betweens.

FKA twigs begins her captivating musical tale with an introspective monologue, a technique often employed in hip-hop tracks, setting the stage for what is to come. The ‘Monday or somethin’ and ‘summertime’ bring to mind mundane but universal experiences, effectively grounding her story in reality. The ‘lemons’ metaphor suggests struggle and overcoming hardship, while ‘keep drivin” advises us to focus on our path and leave our past troubles behind. It’s important to note that her usage of ‘Honda’ is impactful, as it is a brand often associated with durability and reliability, echoing the themes of perseverance and resilience found throughout the track.

Throughout the song, the phrase ‘one of a kind’ is repeated with conviction, underscoring the message of individuality and self-acceptance. The lyrics ‘From sunlight to moonshine, you’ll always be mine’ reflect the loyalty and commitment between two individuals, weathering life’s various seasons. The chorus ‘Baby, we can roll it on the M way’ is a poetic nod to England’s motorway system, symbolizing the ever-moving fluidity of life, amplified by the act of smoking while driving – a carefree escape from reality, if you will.

Pa Salieu’s verse introduces the listener to his personal narrative, layered with cultural references. ‘Steppers twinnin’, baby, Louis V matchin” sheds light on a lifestyle marked by style and affluence, while ‘Would you still be a freak even when we turn 50?’ ventures into questions of longevity and commitment. These lines playfully explore the intersection of lust and love, freedom and bonding. His reference to ‘jiggy’, a term popularized by Will Smith, is a deliberate throwback adding depth and texture to the overall message and feel of the song.

‘Honda’ closes with a series of pleas to ‘roll it on the M way’, symbolizing a yearning for adventure, escape and possibly internal freedom. As we can see, what may initially read as a collection of disjointed thoughts and phrases, transforms into a piece of art carrying intricate meanings, inviting listeners to unpack and relate to the depicted realities. While not everyone’s journey may involve a Honda or the ‘M way’, FKA twigs and Pa Salieu turn these specifics into universal symbols, inviting us to examine our own ‘lemons’ and how we ‘keep drivin” in the face of them.

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