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Meaning of the song ‘Lose Control’ by ‘Teddy Swims’

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Released: 2023

In “Lose Control,” Teddy Swims croons about the intoxicating and overpowering nature of a love so deep, it has him spiraling out of his senses. It’s a vivid portrayal of someone feeling consumed by the absence of their partner, to the point where it feels like an existential crisis every time they’re apart. It’s the sort of passion that dances on the edge of pleasure and pain—a love addiction.

The opening verse sets the scene: our protagonist feels like he’s losing himself, a common sentiment in the throes of overwhelming emotions. The image of the walls closing in and the devil knocking serves as a metaphor for feeling trapped and tempted by darker thoughts due to loneliness. “Out of my mind, how many times did I tell you I’m no good at being alone?” Here, we peel back the layers of vulnerability; there’s a confession of dependence, an acknowledgment of not being able to handle solitude.

When we hit the hook, “I lose control when you’re not next to me,” the message is crystal clear. Teddy’s not just missing his significant other—he’s unraveling without her presence. This ain’t your run-of-the-mill missing someone; it’s a visceral, almost physical need for the other person. Saying “I’m falling apart right in front of you” paints a picture of emotional disintegration that the lover can clearly observe, making the plea more desperate.

The song’s bridge, with its repetitive use of “problematic,” reinforces that this love might not be entirely healthy. It’s all-consuming, as he likens his desire for her to a craving for drugs—like a “fiend” for a “bad habit.” The line “That real full moon black magic and it takes two” suggests that their connection is almost supernatural, uncontrollable, and it’s significant that it needs both of them to ignite this sort of passion. He acknowledges his addiction when she’s around—”Problem is when I’m with you, I’m an addict”—indicating that her pull on him is so strong it’s near impossible to function without her.

By the time we circle back to the chorus, the repetition of losing control emphasizes the core of the song’s message: his yearning and emotional turmoil without her is relentless. The phrase “You make a mess of me” is like the final nail—it’s not just about loss of control but about being utterly undone by someone else. Teddy Swims, with his soulful delivery, takes us deep into the heart of someone battling with love’s beautiful and chaotic tempest.

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