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Meaning of the song ‘Selfish’ by ‘Madison Beer’

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Released: 2021

“Selfish” by Madison Beer serves as a bold anthem of regret and disappointment directed towards an ex-lover who failed to change or improve throughout their relationship. The song revolves around the themes of unreciprocated love, selfishness, inability to change, and the emotional struggle of holding on to a love that’s evidently harmful.

The lyrics begin with an assertive accusation: “Boy, you’re such a lost cause”. Beer immediately sets the tone of the song, emphasizing the ex’s destructive tendencies, painting a picture of a partner who is not only caught in his own web of issues, but is also indifferent or incapable of change. The lines “How you gonna fix this? / You can’t even fix yourself” underscore her ex’s inability to mend the damage he has done, further highlighting his selfishness.

Moving onto the chorus, Beer laments her futile efforts to help her ex, symbolized through the line “I don’t wanna break your thread and needle / Tryna stitch you, but I can’t, I refuse”. The ‘thread and needle’ metaphor alludes to her attempts to fix or mend the relationship, or perhaps even the partner himself, but she ultimately refuses – a decision born out of self-respect and self-preservation.

Beer then reveals a key piece of her ex’s character with the line “Why you always such a Gemini?” hinting at astrological implications. This could be taken as a playful jab or deep critique, depending on your views on zodiac stereotypes. Such a line is a nod to the duality associated with Geminis, suggesting a duplicitous and inconsistent nature in her ex.

The bridge, “But it’s not possible / Plus I’m not responsible / For your self-made obstacles / Put my heart in the hospital”, showcases Beer’s profound frustration and hurt. The ‘heart in the hospital’ imagery effectively communicates the emotional toll the relationship has taken on her, a cost she’s no longer willing to bear.

In conclusion, “Selfish” is a real deep dive into the darkest corners of a toxic relationship, where love is ensnared by one-sided efforts, selfishness, and the pain of expectations unmet. It’s a powerful testament of Beer’s emotive storytelling capability, honed to a razor’s edge on a canvas of pop music.

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