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Meaning of the song ‘Illusion’ by ‘Dua Lipa’

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Released: 2024 Dua Lipa’s “Illusion” puts a vibrant twist on the classic “I see right through you” battle cry of anyone who’s ever been treated poorly in a relationship. The listener is taken on a journey as Lipa navigates through the ebb and flow of unsatisfying partners and asserts her growing wisdom and independence.

The first verse describes Lipa’s past relationship missteps with a raw honesty that’s both refreshing and relatable. The line “I been known to miss a red flag” is a nod to her previous blind spots, while “I been known to put my lover on a pedestal” admits a relatably human tendency to idealize and elevate someone in a relationship, often to one’s own detriment. When she declares, “I already know your type,” it’s a signal that she can now see through the sweet-talking charades.

The chorus introduces the core message of the song. The repetition of “Ooh, what you doin’?” represents her challenge to an unnamed suitor. By questioning their motives, she’s asserting her strength and confidence in handling potentially toxic suitors. The line “You think I’m gonna fall for an illusion” is a pointed rejection of empty promises or dishonest games in relationships.

In the second verse, she delves further into her growth and self-realization. The line “Now I’m grown, I know what I deserve” signifies her understanding of her worth and an unwillingness to settle for less than she deserves. “I still like dancin’ with the lessons I already learned,” is a clever play on the recurring dancing theme of the song, serving as a reminder that her past experiences have made her who she is today.

The repetition of the chorus, followed by the repeated line “Dance all night,” is symbolic of her enduring resilience in the face of challenges. She’s going to keep dancing, keep living, and enjoy herself, no matter what comes her way.

The line “Illusion, I really like the way you’re movin’,” takes a bit of a surprising turn. Instead of rejecting the illusion outright, she’s expressing an appreciation for it. This might suggest that she’s not entirely closed off to the idea of love and relationships. She just won’t be taken in by shallow pretenses. The song ends on a high note, underscoring Lipa’s commitment to seeing things as they are, with an unflinching reality check for all those out there who think they can fool her with an illusion.

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