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Meaning of ‘Kiss and Make Up’ by ‘Dua Lipa’ feat. BLACKPINK

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Released: 2018


“Kiss and Make Up” by Dua Lipa featuring BLACKPINK is a magnificent blend of pop and emotional turmoil. It delivers a theme of yearning for reconciliation in a relationship teetering on the brink of an irreparable break. Underneath the pop veneer lies an introspective exploration of a faltering romance and a desperate desire to revive it.

In the opening verse, Dua Lipa’s character is dealing with a feud with her partner. Phrases like “We haven’t talked all morning,” “Bang my head against the wall,” depict a tense atmosphere of frustration and fear of loss. There’s emphasis on her struggle to communicate and her fear of losing control which indicates the tumultuous state of their relationship.

The line “I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Feel like we about to break up” illustrates the breaking point of the relationship. But instead of letting it end, she instead desires to “kiss and make up one last time”, wanting to rekindle their relationship instead of leading it towards a bitter end.

In the chorus, the lyrics “Touch me like you touch nobody”, insinuate an effort to reignite their passion. She’s begging for intimacy and connection, because she’s “tired of hearing sorry.” The term “kiss and make up” bombards this section, symbolising a universal act of reconciliation, of burying the hatchet and moving on from disagreements.

The Korean verse by BLACKPINK mirrors the sentiment of the initial verses. The lyrics translate to: “Still can’t leave you, I don’t know what I’m doing. I know that this will end someday but I can’t let go. Can we fix us, even though it’s broken? Don’t say anything, there’s no end”. This deepens the complexity of the relationship, expressing profound entanglement in an evidently dysfunctional relationship. It further accentuates the theme and the emotional reverberation within the song.

At the brink of the song, the chorus returns with a slight twist, “그게 뭐가 되었건 다 필요 없어 너면 됐어” translates to “Whatever it becomes, I don’t need it, I just need you”. It emphasizes the character’s desperate longing to return to those initial thrilling moments “날 처음 만났던 설레던 순간 그때처럼” meaning “Like the moment we first met, like the moment we first fluttered”.

“Kiss and Make Up” is more than just a catchy pop anthem. It peels back layers of vulnerability, giving us a heartfelt view into a desperate plea for reconciliation and the complexities of modern relationships. Whether you’re navigating the pop-driven English parts or deciphering the Korean verses with BLACKPINK, you’re bound to feel the emotional weight and relatable struggle embedded within the song. It’s about the pain, it’s about the struggle, and it’s the hope for one last shot at love.

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