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Meaning of the song ‘Dirty Paws’ by ‘Of Monsters and Men’

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Released: 2012

“Dirty Paws,” by Of Monsters and Men, tells a story packed full of symbolism and imagination, a delightful journey of animals at war in a once picturesque forest turned battleground. This whimsical and charming song elegantly uses animals to represent different groups and dynamics within society, with a storyline exploring conflict, resilience, and resolution.

Let’s dive headfirst into this deep green pool of fantasy, shall we? The first lines, “Jumping up and down the floor, My head is an animal,” sets a tone of energetic wildness or uncontrolled emotions. It gives an impression of internal turmoil, also suggesting that the singer is allowing their more impulsive, instinct-driven side to take over. The animal mentioned could be representative of our primitive instincts, subconscious, or raw emotions that we often keep in check but here are set free.

The rest of the first verse and the chorus recalls a tale involving animals living together peaceably until conflict arises. The ‘son’ and ‘dragonfly’ may symbolize individuals within society going about their everyday lives. The dragonfly returns with a story – this infers he has witnessed some event of importance, which prompts the unfolding narrative of war and strife.

The ‘dirty paws and furry coat’ character appears to represent an individual of lower social status or rough around the edges. This character, despite their humble background, becomes the hero of the story. The ‘forest of talking trees’ paints a picture of a community or society, while ‘bees declaring a war’ can be viewed as an aggressive group or nation initiating conflict. The ‘birds’ (another group) call for help from the underdog, our heroic character with the dirty paws.

The second verse plunges us into the heart of the conflict. The forest becomes a metaphor for a domain or territory that was once peaceful, now transformed by the terrible impacts of war (‘those killing machines’). It vividly illustrates the destructive effects of battle and power struggles. However, in this grim situation, the protagonist, holder of the ‘four dirty paws’, and her allies manage to overthrow the antagonist, ‘the queen bee, and her men’. This part suggests a victorious rebellion or revolution.

In essence, ‘Dirty Paws’ by Of Monsters and Men weaves a narrative of conflict, struggle, and ultimately, victory against odds in a mesmerizing tapestry of animated animal characters. It underscores that heroes arise from the most unexpected quarters and that even those considered lowly or insignificant can bring about significant change. Excellent stuff, folks!

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