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Meaning of ‘Little Talks’ by ‘Of Monsters and Men’

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Released: 2012

“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men is a song that hits deep. It’s about dealing with loss and the conversations we wish we could have with those who are no longer with us. It balances the heavy theme of grief with an upbeat melody, making it both haunting and irresistible.

The song opens with a feeling of loneliness, as one person doesn’t like being in an old and empty house. This house could be a metaphor for their life after loss, feeling empty and desolate. Holding hands and walking together signifies the support and companionship they crave, perhaps from the person they’ve lost. The creaking stairs and the advice to close their eyes suggest an attempt to find peace in sleep, away from the pain of reality.

The lyrics, “There’s an old voice in my head that’s holding me back,” tell us about the internal struggle of moving on. The reference to missing their little talks hints at the deep connection and the conversations they miss having with the departed. Despite the longing, there’s an acknowledgment that they must move forward, leaving those cherished memories in the past. The playful memories of youth contrast sharply with their current state, emphasizing how much has changed.

The chorus is a powerful mix of denial and hope. Being told not to listen to their words underlines the conflict between reality and what the heart wants to believe. Saying the screams all sound the same suggests a feeling of overwhelming chaos, where the person’s struggle to cope makes every problem feel identical. Yet, the reassurance that this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore serves as a metaphor for making it through tough times, despite not knowing what the truth holds.

As the song nears its end, the lines “You’re gone, gone, gone away, I watched you disappear. All that’s left is a ghost of you” face the reality of loss head-on. It’s a heartbreaking acceptance of their loved one’s absence. However, the promise to meet again in dreams suggests a poignant hope that they will always be connected in some way.

In essence, “Little Talks” naviguates the choppy waters of dealing with loss through an imaginary dialogue between two people, significantly accentuated by its catchy, folk-pop melody. This contrast between the thematic depth and the lively music can make it a cathartic experience, perfectly capturing the bittersweet essence of holding onto memories while having to move forward.

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