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Released: 2019

“BOOM” by X Ambassadors is an anthem of resilience and self-empowerment. The song is a defiant statement of moving on, soldiering ahead, and shunning any negativity or hindrance that stands in the way.

The repetitive “Boom boom boom” is both a physical representation of the heart beating and metaphorically, the determination to move forward despite the hurdles. The heart’s beating symbolizes life and existence – a persistent, unstoppable force. Same with the feet going “boom boom boom” – it embodies the relentless motion of walking away from something or someone that doesn’t serve one well.

The phrase “High speed, go zoom zoom zoom” complements the moving-forward theme. It’s as if the singer is moving quickly, leaving the past behind in a blur. There’s this feeling of intense, rapid movement, a rush to break free from an unpleasant situation or relationship.

The line, “I got the same old shoes with a new attitude” introduces a shift in the narrative. The “same old shoes” denotes familiarity and past, whereas the “new attitude” signifies change, a fresh perspective. It’s about carrying a different attitude with the same old self – somewhat akin to the saying, “Same me, new moves”.

“I got a new tattoo, don’t know what to tell you” the tattoo here, signifies a permanent mark or memory, a token of what they’ve been through. It’s as if the singer is stating that they’ve soldiered through pain and come out stronger, with the tattoo as a testament to that struggle.

The portion where the singer says, “You can’t stop me. ‘Cause my pain, uh huh, is gasoline” has a real power to it. Here, the singer is utilizing his pain as fuel, driving him forward. He refuses to let anyone impede his progress; he’s using his pain as a motivator, a propelling force.

The “Hold on, I’m going, going, going, going, gone” segment of the song has a tone of finality. The singer is determined to move on, heedless of the impending “big storm”. This storm could be a symbol of massive upheaval or change. Yet, undeterred, the singer chooses to face it and move past it.

“BOOM” is a vigorous declaration of independence, an anthem that lauds the power of resilience and determination. Through the utilization of clever metaphors and impactful lyrics, X Ambassadors deliver a strong and empowering song that resonates with anyone who’s struggled, survived, and triumphed.

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