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Meaning of ‘Jungle’ by ‘X Ambassadors’ feat. Jamie N Commons

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Released: 2015

Features: Jamie N Commons

X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons come together on “Jungle”, painting a sonic picture of urban grit and spiritual desolation in the heart of the modern metropolis. A plea for understanding and companionship, this track packs a punch with its raw, visceral lyrics and unabashed look at survival amidst concrete and neon lights.

“Well it’s too long living in the same old lives (Yeah) / I feel too cold to live, too young to die (Yeah).” This is a primitive call from our main protagonist of the song, expressing disillusionment with the rigidity of everyday life in the city. It’s the feeling of being stuck in a rut, like you’re going through the motions but not really living – a sentiment that resonates with many urban dwellers.

Next, we hit the lines: “Won’t you follow me into the jungle (Yeah) / Ain’t no god on my streets in the heart of the jungle” The ‘jungle’ here is a metaphor for the complex, often merciless city life. There’s a sense of lawlessness or absence of divine providence (“ain’t no god on my streets”) suggesting that survival in the jungle is down to raw instinct rather than moral absolutes.

Moving on to: “I lost my mind, in the city of lights (Yeah) / In the backstreets bills in the neon lights (Yeah)” Our character reveals the psychological toll the city can inflict. The ‘city of lights’ is often a euphemism for the glitz and glamour of urban life which actually hides a darker underbelly of struggle and despair. The ‘backstreet bills’ likely reference monetary woes, suggesting financial pressure as another cost of city living.

“When I heard the thunder, I could feel the rain (Yeah) / It’s the same religion (Oh Lord), just a different name (Oh Lord)” From this, it seems the storms that come are seen as the trials and tribulations of everyday life – the ‘thunder’ and ‘rain’ operating as symbols of these challenges. The character conveys that people may follow different paths (‘different names’), but we all face similar struggles (‘same religion’).

In essence, “Jungle” is a raw and real portrayal of city life. Its lyrics ooze with a palpable sense of struggle and resilience, a reminder that life in the urban jungle is visceral, vivid, and not for the faint-hearted. So, are you brave enough to join X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons into the ‘jungle’?

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