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Released: 2022

The song “Bite Me” by Avril Lavigne is an uncompromising blast of empowered pop, full of Avril’s signature sass and defiance. She artistically lays out the aftermath of a toxic relationship, turning the pain into a rallying cry of liberation for anyone who’s been undermined, or worse, ghosted in a relationship.

Lavigne kicks off the song with a strong assertive line, “You should’ve known better, better/ To fuck with someone like me.” The word “fuck with” here isn’t about literal physical intimacy. Instead, it’s a colloquial way of accusing someone of not respecting or valuing her. The term “wifey” is also slang, typically used to describe a woman who’s seen as wife material. Avril is essentially telling her ex that they’ve lost the chance of having someone as valuable as her.

The chorus, “Just face it, we didn’t make it/ You bit off more than you can chew, can you taste it?” is a poignant declaration, showing she’s broken free from any illusions about their relationship. The phrase “bit off more than you can chew” is a common saying that means someone has taken on more than they can handle.

The lines, “So come pick up your clothes from the front yard/ Sprinklers on, burn the rest in the backyard” portray a vivid picture of the aftermath of their breakup, further emphasizing the point of no return in their relationship. The line “Should’ve had the guts just to say, ‘Goodbye'” is a direct jab at her ex’s lack of courage in handling the breakup properly.

Lavigne sings, “I bet you taste me on the tip of your tongue,” indicating that even though they’re not together, he’s still haunted by her memory. This phrase, in tandem with the song’s title, is word play, making this track even more relatable. The chorus “And we’ll be together never, so baby, you can bite me” unapologetically tells her ex to face the truth of their permanent separation.

With “Bite Me,” Avril Lavigne does what she does best, which is transforming her personal struggles into a powerful anthem for her fans. She flawlessly expresses the bitterness, fury, and ultimate liberation of breaking free from a toxic relationship, making it abundantly clear that she’s not someone to be trifled with.

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