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Meaning of ‘Bois Lie’ by ‘Avril Lavigne’ feat. mgk

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Released: 2024

Features: mgk

“Bois Lie” by Avril Lavigne, featuring machine gun kelly, dives into the tough themes of deceit, betrayal, and the quest for revenge in relationships. Avril’s sharp lyrics cut deep into the heart of broken promises and the pain of finding out someone’s true colors. It’s a bold anthem that says, sometimes, to get over the hurt, you’ve got to hit back where it hurts.

The song opens with Avril calling out a lover’s deceit, saying, “You tell me what I want, what I wanna hear.” Here, she’s talking about someone who says all the right things without meaning any of it, like promising forever and then vanishing. The lines “You’ve got a sharp tongue, like a razor blade” and “You put a knife into my back and try to write your name” use imagery to describe how the person she trusted used words to hurt her, as if they’re leaving a lasting mark of pain.

When Avril and mgk get into the chorus, “Bois lie, I can too. Revenge is my sweet tooth,” they’re flipping the script on expected behavior. Instead of playing the victim, Avril warns she can play the game just as well, using the truth about lies as her weapon. The phrase “Revenge is my sweet tooth” mixes the idea of craving sweets with a hunger for revenge, showing how getting back at someone can feel as satisfying as indulging in your favorite treat.

mgk’s part reinforces the theme, questioning, “Why you tell your friends I’m the bad guy when you’re the villain?” This line tackles the idea of people twisting stories to make themselves look better, even when they’re the ones who did wrong. By saying, “I worshiped your religion,” he’s expressing how he fully committed to their love, only to be betrayed.

The bridge and the repeated lines towards the end, “Lie, l-lie, lie, lie, lie,” represent the cycle of lies that keep spinning, making everyone dizzy with confusion and hurt. Avril and mgk conclude on a note that not only boys lie, but girls can too, making it a universal truth that in the game of love, everyone has the capacity to be deceitful.

In “Bois Lie,” Avril Lavigne and machine gun kelly don’t just lay bare the truths about lies in relationships; they also show how these experiences harden us, making us ready to fight back with our own version of the truth. It’s a powerful message wrapped in a catchy beat, telling us that sometimes, the best way to heal is to acknowledge the pain and move on, stronger than before.

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