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Meaning of the song ‘American Money’ by ‘BØRNS’

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Released: 2015

At a high level, “American Money” by BØRNS can be interpreted as an intimate tale of love, skillfully blended with elements of escapism and a deep appreciation for the simple moments that make life beautiful. It captures the sweetness of love, likening it to ‘American Money’ and ‘Tennessee honey,’ with the essence of the song entrenched in the all-encompassing, powerful emotion of a romantic relationship.

From the jump, BØRNS sets the tone with the engaging, almost mythical line: “I was there when you fell from the clouds.” This lyric, draped in metaphoric brilliance, could point to the moment of first encountering a loved one and the instant connection that ensues. The reference to falling from clouds builds a whimsical, dreamlike image. A similar vibe is captured in “There was a thunder inside of my heart,” emphasizing the stirring emotions involved.

The line, “Like a stallion racing the rain, you rode on the back of my bike,” is an evocative description of their youthful adventures together. The outright joy and exhilaration of shared experiences reinforce the depth of the relationship.

The repeated chorus, “So take me to the paradise in your eyes; Green like American Money,” can be interpreted as a longing for the comfort, safety, and beauty found within the eyes of a beloved. The reference to ‘American Money’ can signify aspiration, wealth, or influence. In parallel, the phrase “Sweet like Tennessee honey,” conjures images of Southern warmth, richness, and comfort.

In the line “So we took to the calico road / Running from the weather,” there’s an image of them together, finding solace in their journey, defying the tumultuous weather – an allegory for life’s unpredictable challenges. The imagery of the “highway inside of her eyes” and “buried treasure” could suggest her depth and complexity and his willingness to discover her inner world.

Finally, BØRNS touches on themes of devotion and everlasting love in “I waited my whole life for you.” This evokes the sense of destiny tied into their love story – underlining the notion that their rapport is not just desired, but necessary, anticipated as if it was preordained.

All in all, “American Money” paints a vivid picture of a soulful, thrilling love story full of yearning, deep emotional connection, and adventure. It’s an ode to moments of love that are as profoundly impactful as they are beautifully ordinary.

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