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Meaning of the song ‘10,000 Emerald Pools’ by ‘BØRNS’

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Released: 2015

Ready to take a deep dive into BØRNS’ “10,000 Emerald Pools”? On the surface, this song may seem about a luxurious and fantastic swimming experience, but underneath, it’s a romantic ode to an object of desire so captivating that the artist is willing to delve into the unfathomable depths to be with them. Themes of passion, pursuit, and immersion are communicated vividly in the lyrics of this pop gem.

“I’ll dive in deeper, deeper for you / Down to the bottom, 10,000 emerald pools,” BØRNS begins. In pop music, water imagery is often a metaphor for emotions, and the concept of diving deep is a popular trope representing the terrifying yet thrilling plunge into romantic involvement. The “10,000 emerald pools” symbolizes the vast, potentially overwhelming emotional landscape of the person he’s enamored with. This opening verse sets the scene: a daring dive into an unknown, yet enticing emotional landscape.

The line “Underwater / Time is standing still” continues the water imagery, suggesting a suspended reality where the pressures of time and the world above don’t matter. This phenomenon is often associated with falling in love, where one feels so absorbed in the moment that everything else seems to freeze.

The chorus of “You’re the treasure / Dive down deeper, still” characterizes the object of the singer’s affection as a precious gem to be discovered. Notably, while seeking treasure is a common motif in music and literature, it’s often associated with external rewards. In this case, the treasure isn’t material wealth; it’s the emotional riches found in deep connection with another person.

The lyrics “10,000 fathoms, under a tidal wave / It can never pull me away” re-emphasize the depth of the singer’s commitment. The mention of the tidal wave conjures an image of a powerful force that could potentially wipe someone out, suggesting the potential dangers and challenges in their relationship; however, even this can’t “pull him away.” This resilience shows the extent of the singer’s dedication.

As BØRNS repeatedly exclaims, “All I need is you / You’re all I need to breathe,” we’re reminded that this journey isn’t about selfish desires or curiosity; it’s about needing the other person as essential as oxygen, as vital as life itself. The sentiment echoes the intimate bond depicted in the song – a connection as deep and mysterious as “10,000 Emerald Pools.”

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